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Adsense Team Revealed: Meet Debby and Evanne, The Adsense Babes.

Posted on 08 July 2010 by pinoytutorial

Like most of the thousands of adsense publishers out there, we all can share our bitter and sweet moments with it. And obviously, some of you may fall off short with the ‘enigmatic’ rules of Google, costing your account to be penalized or worst – Banned for good.


For years, many were revolting about this unfair treatment of Adsense to its publishers. So now, coming from the horse’s mouth. They will start to reveal people who are part of the adsense team, so at least you know – That it’s not Eric Schmidt, or Matt Cutts who drops the ban-hammer on your account.

Of course, their names are hidden under those titles like “senior manager”, “officer in charge”, etc. But perceptibly, there’s something more than meets the eye.


By the way, no one knows why Google is starting to do this. Perhaps, because of the ‘oh-so-many’ hate messages being circulated around the web against their Number one Milking Cow a.ka Adsense? Or.. maybe because Big G is now having a drop on its annual ROI for its advertising service. Anyway, as mere mortals, it would always be kept as strictly classified to us.

So the most recent one uploaded was this video. Check, Debby… Another google babe.

Don’t like Asians too much, eh? Check out Evanne. Find out what she likes…

So did you feel good after you’ve watched these videos? I’m sure you did. But as usual, feeling good is the only thing we would ever feel for them. For, the whole transparency of Adsense will still move in mysterious ways.

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