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Black Friday sales 2009: Top 10 Tech and Gadget Deals

Posted on 28 November 2009 by pinoytutorial

Black Friday discount deals are taking America literally by storm as hundreds of thousands of people search online for great deals and bargains. The most recent was Yowza mobile application that lets its consumers to use their smartphones to access coupon codes and present it to the cashier. How convenient is that?

Gadgets, gadgets and more Gadgets

Undeniably, electronic gadgets like ipods, MP3s, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, digital cameras and LCDs are the leading consumer goods people are buying these days. Those wonderful “toys” people pour their money into build and nurture large tech industries like Apple, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Google etc.

Let’s take a look on some of the hottest gadgets and great bargains lurking around the metro. Although, consumer should take caution on buying these promo items. Always review each gadgets’ specifications. We give you the Top 10 Tech Deals on Black Friday sales 2009.

10. Apple

ipod nano 5G

Apple got the biggest chunk in American MP3 industry with its iPod. Almost 60% of American users prefer to use iPod for listening music and podcasts (which by the way also originated from Apple). They also have the Macs and iPhones for their notebooks and smartphone lines.

This Black Friday, people are digging on the latest iPod nanos even though the company offers a stingy 10% discount on gadgets. Why? because Apple management believes that companies who offer large discounts are “losers”. Since they cannot sell effectively without offering high discount rates. They have a point, but we don’t entirely agree on that. Anyway, let’s proceed to the next item

9. Hewlett-Packard

HP Pavillion DM3

Hewlett-Packard is known as one of the best brands in the globe. They have multiple lines of products ranging from printers to PDAs, laptops, netbooks and others. Currently, HP holds the top position in notebook industry after it grabbed the spot from Dell 2 years ago.

This Black Friday, people are digging the HP Pavilion DM3, a 13.3” LCD display, ultra thin, notebook PC. It has 16:9 aspect ratio BrightView LED display and weighs only 4.2 lbs making it very suitable for people on the go. HP Pavilion DM3 was introduced back in July and priced at $599. You can get it at a cool $499 – a $100 discount – at Amazon. You can check Hewlett-Packard’s website for more info about this baby.

8. Garmin

Garmin Nuvi 205W

One of the most distinguished GPS receiver is Garmin. Millions of people around the world are using Garmin to guide them on their way every time. GPS navigation has taken a great step in the 21st century and changed the way we travel.

This Black Friday, people are looking on the Garmin Nuvi 205W which normally sells for $140 on normal days and now will be offerred at just $99. You can go at CNET to check the specifications of this device and the current price range it is selling.

7. Dell

Dell S2009W LCD

Dell held the number one spot on electronic gadgets particularly notebooks. Unfortunately it was dethroned by HP with its recent robust line of notebook PCs. However, we all know that business is a cycle; it has its ups and downs. Dell still has the energy and ammunition to strike and become number 1 again.

This Black Friday, people should look at Dell’s LCD displays particularly Dell’s S2009W 20” LCD monitor that will sell for $99 from its original price of $159. That’s a great $60 savings. Check Best buy online store via shopper’s website, they are offering the Dell S2009W at a discount as of today.

6. Palm

Palm Pre phone

Palm has been on the PDA and smartphone industry for years now. Analyst are expecting Palm’s Pre phone to help the company get back on the smartphone business. The Palm Pre has slick, black casing with bright LCD display screen plus other great smartphone features under its hood.  On its initial release, the Palm Pre Phone was offered at a steep price of $200 – similar with iPhone. Since then sales became murky for Palm Pre as iPhones became a hit in the market.

This Black Friday, expect to see Palm Pre phone to be offered at a great discount. Amazon started to sell Palm Pre for $80. You can access the specifications of Palm and other reviews for this smartphone on this website.

5. Western Digital

WD hardrive

A great arch nemesis of Seagate and Maxtor when it comes to hard disks and portable hard drives. Thru the years, Western Digital (WD) has proven itself , although it isn’t the best there is, WD is a great alternative to cheap and reliable hard drives.

This Black Friday, Walmart will be offering WD 320GB external hard drive for just $49, a 50% discount from its original price of $99. Compare that to Seagate portable hard drive that sells for $80. A word of caution though, please read specifications and reviews before buying such electronics. Remember, it might be a bad deal even though it lookss cheap.

4. SanDisk

Sandisk thumbdrive

SanDisk is the pioneer on flash disks and thumb drives in this industry. It’s CEO and founder spearheaded the breakthrough on flashdisk technology. Today, people are digging over thumb drives and flash disks because of their portability and the amount of data they can carry.

This Black Friday, a SanDisk 4 GB flash drive will be available for $8 USD at Walmart. A good $22 discount from its $30 original selling price. Check this item before it gets sold out

3. Palm

Palm pixi

For our tech deals, Palm again graced the top list of gadgets people will greatly dig this Black Friday season. The Palm Pixi can be expected to be sold at a very low price of just $25. A very high cut from its $100 original price. You can view more details of Palm Pixi on its official website.

For our number 1 & 2 spot, we are very excited to announce that Research in Motion (RIM) Blackberry is very deserving for the steep discount it will be offering this Black Friday sales 2009. RIM’s Blackberry Curve suffered blows on sales for its Curve series of smartphones.

Blackberry curve Blackberry 8900

Best buy along with Sprint will be offering a Free Blackberry curve for a 2-year contract. Previously, the same Blackberry curve was sold at $50 to $200. On another hand, Amazon is offering the Curve 8900 for a penny if the customer will sign for a 2-year contract with AT&T.

Do you think these are great deals. They might be. But first consumers must look at the current necessity and priorities they have at hand. You cannot buy impulsively even on black friday because you’re still spending your money. You probably would loose more if you opt to buy gadgets you don’t necessarily need. Good luck to all!

(source: yahoo news)

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