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Bush Wipes hands on Clinton’s Shirt: A George Bush Scandal?

Posted on 30 March 2010 by pinoytutorial

bush and clinton Is Bush really a fan of hand sanitizer?

BBC footage reveals former US Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton visiting a homeless site in Port-au-Prince, where they greeted inhabitants deposed by the earthquake.

On a charity trip to Port Au Prince, Haiti, the former US presidents came across with locals as they exerted to re-establish their ruined city. BBC video caught George W. Bush shaking hands with a Haitian local, with instantaneously wiping his hand on Bill Clinton’s shirt.

Despite the fact that it could be just as probable that Bush is only patting Clinton on the back, nearly all blogs and Internet denizens got for the worst possible scenario: That the ex-president is not simply snubbing the man he just shook hands with, however as well using Clinton as his own private handkerchief. Either way, the video had acquired over 700,000 views ever since it was publicized on video sharing site Youtube on Tuesday.

Although queries have been brought up as to whether Mr Bush was being offensive to the Haitians, courteously wiping away his own sweat and giving scarce respect for Mr Clinton in the course of action, otherwise if in fact the footage had been modified.

The footage has provoked tweets and blogs condemning the former president of insulting Haiti and perhaps Mr Clinton. Others have put forward he was merely being affectionate with his associate former president, while Guardian blogger Richard Adams has bounded to the justification of the gaffe-prone Mr Bush.

bush and clinton


If that is what really took place –Breitbart.TV initially brought the query upon witnessing the footage –it exploits Barack Obama’s tale of Bush’s compelling demand for hand sanitizer. Nevertheless no matter what Bush’s reason, it seems pretty awful.

The legend that this footage relates is either “this gentleman isn’t fond of black people” or else “this gentleman doesn’t like poor people”. Neither is the significance that any support group would eagerly throw: in spite of everything, an earthquake renewing zone will be, by designation, dirty and filthy.

Plainly, the gentleman who ruled America for 8 yrs and being an influential politician on earth by then is absolutely not just an ordinary person. It is humiliation that he does such a thing in excuse of either being killed or getting germs. Rumor has it that even his father, former president Bush senior had a similar trend. Either, they are racially prejudiced to black race or they are created in a different way from other human beings. Question is why? Wasn’t there an adviser to hand over the sanitizer than making use of Clinton’s (ex-president like him) shirt?

When will ever these politicians learn?

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