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Al-Qaeda Terrorists Will use Exploding Dogs To Bomb Planes?

Posted on 10 November 2010 by pinoytutorial

Now you know how sick terrorists can be.

Al-Qaeda terrorists planned to bring down a US cargo plane last 2008 using dogs that had bombs planted in their stomachs. The dogs, called Kamikaze canines, were supposed to board the plane from the Baghdad International Airport to Los Angeles, but never made it because they died in their cages before loading.

Cargo handlers saw the two dogs already dead in their cages and brought it to the autopsy. They found out there were bombs and explosives in the dogs’ stomachs and was due to explode hours after it departed from Baghdad, in mid-air.

According to the investigation, it looked like the terrorists took the two stray dogs from the streets of Baghdad, then were cruelly cut open to put the bombs and detonators inside their stomachs. But it turned out that the dogs could not handle the substances from the bombs as well as being cut open, and died before they could even be loaded in the plane.

According to the paper, French Daily Le Figaro, they got this information from a US military man, right after one of the two bombs from Yemen was discovered inside a printer ink cartridge in Britain’s East Midlands airport last week. The device was said to be diffused 17 minutes before it was about to explode.

The dog bombs incident was investigated by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Due to what happened, airlines and cargo companies were alerted about exploding dogs as terrorists would do everything to spread terrorism.

“This happened two years ago, but was kept secret from the public”, according to the paper.

According also to the French terrorism expert, Christopher Naudin, there is also the possibility that terrorists will be using children that have explosives in their body in order to destroy aircrafts. “Airlines and airports should be alerted” about this kind of situation and should tighten security when it comes to checking of pets and people. And because of this dog bombs incident, US officials were forced pick out the 1 million stray dogs in Baghdad.

This kind of action just shows how determined Al-Qaeda is to terrorize people and show them how powerful they are. It’s actually sick that the terrorists would use dogs, a man’s best friend, for destruction and death. These animals are more innocent than us humans, and they don’t deserve to be treated so cruelly. This is indeed cruelty to animals and the people doing this should be condemned. I am a dog lover, and just hearing about this makes me want to cry because those poor dogs have to die in order to save us, and had to suffer just because some sick terrorists wants to kill innocent people. How sick can you get.

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Smallest Violin In The World: The Nano Violin

Posted on 08 October 2010 by pinoytutorial

Science and technology had given us a lot to prove itself. One of these proofs is the invention of MEMS or microelectromechanical systems. It may sound Geeky and unfamiliar to normal people like you, but you might actually have such thing in your own mobile phone. Just taking from the word “micro” itself, it means small—really small. And now, a news of yet another MEMS should be of interest to you, Science fan—the Nano Violin, also called the Micronium.

The Micronium is the smallest violin in the world (right now, at least). With measurements of only some micrometers, nothing could beat it for being the smallest violin indeed. It has strings sized just one-tenth of a human hair’s width, and should be strummed using an equally micro sized comb.

Six microscopic springs are fitted on a microchip with one resonator each for every musical tone. Numerous chips are strung collectively to create a complete series of musical notes. A sequence of the chips can be united into a MIDI interface to play whole songs.

Scientists and students from the University of Twente in Netherlands demonstrated how the micro violin is used, and how its music could possibly heard by audiences. The collection of chips was connected to a computer and was put under a microscope. The microscope was used to magnify how the violin’s strings are being plucked. The image was then projected so the audiences would see.

Using the Micronium, an original composition was played, frankly entitled “Impromptu No. 1 for Micronium.” Then several more familiar songs were played, including none other than the famous Super Mario Brothers’ theme.

However, just like the fact that it has to be magnified under a microscope for audiences to be able to see the actual micro-violin, the sound it produces must be amplified just as well—10,000 times for that matter before people could here the music it produces through the standard speakers that we use.

It is still a wonder if this should be out in the market any soon—it is more of a wonder if any orchestra musician would actually want one for himself. But what matters is that this Nano violin is for real, and there seems to be nothing impossible nowadays.

[vimeo width=”500″ height=”300″][/vimeo]

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Japanese Toilet Prank on Porta Potty: Voyeurism Video!

Posted on 04 October 2010 by pinoytutorial

We all know that Japan is the source of all the craziest reality game shows of all time. Such a small country but their people could just brew something out from their minds about some of the most obnoxious and abnormal things a normal guy can’t possibly think of.  Don’t believe me? Check it out!

This video has been uploaded in the tube for 4 years now. And as the excerpt from the uploader states, “This video cuts through all language barrier” And frankly, we quite agree. I mean, even a 5 year old kid would understand that any person caught in the public sh*tting with their pants off is just totally hilarious!

Now this portable toilet (porta potty) prank was obviously staged. I mean, if it wasn’t planned at all then this video shouldn’t even be existing. C’mon, what would you do if you’re in the shoes of these poor citizens knowing someone filmed you while you’re sh*tting? Then a hydraulic pump pushes your toilet up so you can be seen by the public?

If I am on that situation, I will rip the video and put it on the mouth of this Japanese iPad guy and make him squeal like a creepy Japanese robotic-mouth. — I’m just saying!

Oh if you think that wasn’t enough. Here’s a woman caught on a video while she’s concentrating in her throne.

Fake or not?

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Paranormal Activity 2 Review (sucks): Most Overrated Movie Of All Time?

Posted on 03 October 2010 by pinoytutorial

Last year, I got all my hopes up on watching Paranormal Activity. I thought it was going to be the best horror movie at that time but it turns out it was nothing but pure BS and the only reason why it got the proper attention is because of the media inflating it and have it being reported across the blogosphere.

And to my disbelief, it will have another sequel called ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ which will be this time aired throughout USA on October 22. And their tactics to attract the audience seems to become even lamer.

Somehow you might be thinking I am just bitter about this movie, but come to think of it. Many were quite disappointed as well about the way the whole movie was presented. I remember watching the first part on the eve of October 31 at (1:30am) let’s just say I am a firm believer about that folk-lore pertaining to ghost which appears to be the strongest whenever its 3am on the eve of Halloween. I turned off the lights and play it on my LCD TV. After one hour of watching and seeing the tracker already nearing the end, I was in utter disbelief that this was the real horror movie everyone was raving about. So I still spend a couple of more minutes just to finish its lame ending to watch another horror movie to complete my Halloween eve.

The production staff of Paranormal Acitivity 2 is obviously doing this just for money. Come to think of it, not only this movie is one of the worst horror movie of all time but the most overrated movie as well. Its staff should be very please with its results; Using only those banal effects and crude camera they manage to persuade people that this movie was a perfection. Thanks for the excessive coverage of the media and inundating the web with its advertisement, they earn as much as $108 million at the U.S. box office and $194 million worldwide. Making this movie as one of the most profitable film of all time.

Let’s see if many people will still be fooled on watching Paranormal Activity 2. Remember you have been warned.

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Dancing Flight Attendants on The Philippines: Cebu Pacific FAs Now Viral in Youtube!

Posted on 03 October 2010 by pinoytutorial

Just three days and this rare-video, previewing some dancing flight attendants, is now becoming a viral sensation all over youtube and across the blogosphere. Check out the video.

This happened on a Cebu Pacific Airplane trip where one undisclosed passenger manages to record the whole video of these dancing flight attendants in a remix version of Lady-Gaga’s Just Dance all the way up to “California Girls” by Katy Perry to entice the passengers on following the standard safety procedures in an airplane.

cebu pacific flight attendant dance

There are rumors and hearsays that this one was staged and were all made just to boost the sales of Cebu Pacific Airplane.

Here’s a statement coming from Candice Iyog, (VP-Marketting of Cebu Pacific Airlines)

candice iyog

“Cebu Pacific has always been known as a fun airline, we wanted to get the message across to our customers that flight safety doesn’t have to be boring. This was an experiment that we hope to repeat and also a chance to showcase the talent of some of our cabin crew staff.”

Other mediocre reactions say that this dance will degrade the value of a Filipina (Filipino women).

Our opinion:

Frankly, we don’t give a darn if this one was staged, actual or was planned for months. As you can see, it’s very rare you see Filipinos manage to launch a real ‘sensible’ viral video in the net. During these past few months, the only thing that we have accomplished so far are these “Gays Jumping During the Miss Universe Pageant” and several videos of our very own shameful “SWAT bus incident hostage crisis”. And If you’ll ask me, I would rather prefer a lively performance to demonstrate a safety-procedure on a plane than the usual lame-boring SOP we keep on seeing whenever we took a flight.

A person who will say that this type of dance will make the value of Filipina look cheap is pure B.S. and a very idiotic in my opinion. To think that there are other far more humiliating videos Filipinos are being reported to across the net. I do believe this is one way of boosting the waning economy of the Philippines through marketing and tourism. With 3 million views in just 3 days, I’m sure some of the foreigners who watched that video are already excited to visit Philippines.

By the way, the name of the star flight-attendant who made the whole video amazing is still yet to be identified. If you know her or you have more information about this article, show us in your comments below.

Practice video of cebu pacific FAs practicing their dance for safety procedures.

(image credit)

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Russian Space Hotel on 2016?

Posted on 02 October 2010 by pinoytutorial

We’ve sure heard a lot about space tours for private individuals (make that private, rich individuals, since those tours should have space-high prices). And now, here comes another thrilling news—a plan of none other than a space hotel!

Representatives from Russian company Orbital Technologies told RIA Novosti news agency that they are planning to launch a space hotel by 2016. It would follow the same orbit as the International Space Station, but it would not follow how the ISS looks and feel inside—as the technological company’s CEO Sergei Kostenko puts it, a hotel is supposed to be comfortable, so interested parties may quit imagining of a cramped room with those button boards seen in movies.

The hotel’s main target market are wealthy individuals who want to experience lodging in space (we told you it’s for the rich) and representatives from private companies who wish to do some space research. The guests shall be able to have a look at the Earth while peeping through large potholes. Add to that the plan of hiring celebrity chefs to cook the guests’ foods before they leave for space.

Energia, Russian spacecraft manufacturer,  is responsible for building the Soyuz space capsules and Progress cargo ships that transports crew and supplies to the ISS. Moreover, it will also be responsible for the construction of the space hotel – though there is still no report on how they would actually do it. But as initially planned, the first space hotel module will be having four cabins that could house up to seven passengers. Russian and American investors are willing to put in some of their wealth for the project, but that is still tentative.

The hotel is not just intended for commercial purposes though. As Alexey Krasnov, head of manned space missions at Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) quipped, the planned cosmic hotel could be an emergency shelter for the ISS crew should anything wrong happens that would oblige them to evacuate.

There is still no released proposed price for the stay in the cosmic hotel, so let us just keep the excitement hanging. Anyway, we still have six more years before it comes to reality, so the lodging price should not yet be so much of a priority, isn’t it?

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Mark Zuckerberg Evil Villain (Comic Character)

Posted on 01 October 2010 by pinoytutorial

Mark Zuckerberg (who hasn’t heard of the name?), creator and CEO of famous social networking site Facebook, is undeniably one popular guy. To prove this point, he would even be the star of a biographical comic book set to come out this December.

The comic book, frankly entitled “Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook,” is a giant-sized, 48-pager that aims to tell the young billionaire’s journey to the top, as what a biography should do, that is. It will answer the question that might be ringing in some people’s minds—“who is Zuckerberg?”.

The comic book is written by Jerome Maida with illustrations by Sal Field, while the cover art is by Michal Szyksznian. The creators wanted to lay down the real score about Zuckerberg—both the good and the bad. Surely, his is a story that could be of a big interest among many, and just like some people—or just like other businessmen—he might have stepped on some people in the process in one way or another in order to reach the top.

He is the protagonist in this comic book, yes. But he is also portrayed as an evil villain in the parts of his life where he actually acted as one.

According to the creators who most probably did an in depth research on Zuckerberg’s life, the guy had dealt with some people in a harsh way on his way to the top. There were people they have known in the process of researching about Zuckerberg who felt that they were betrayed by the social network genius. Aside from presenting Zuckerberg as the philanthropist who just recently donated $100 million to public schools in Newark, the creators must also present him as the bad guy in those times in his life that he was bad, for the sake of fairness.

The comic book will be published and distributed by Bluewater Productions, a company of Canadian origin that is known for its production of comic books, multimedia and graphic novels. Bluewater aims to feature remarkable stories, which are not just celebrity stories.

“Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook” will be available in flesh by December, but interested readers could already order it ahead online at, in book and comic stores. Price is $6.99.

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Bra Gas Mask for Sale: Best or Worst?

Posted on 27 September 2010 by pinoytutorial

Now here’s undeniably something that could make you gasp out a “What?!” But don’t get us wrong, we’re not just making this up, because these bra gas masks are real—question is, will it be here to stay?

Various illnesses such as Swine Flu and national dangers such as alleged biological war fares had made gas masks so popular—in quite a negative way, because you know, when there’s a need for gas masks, there’s a threat somewhere. And you wouldn’t know when such emergencies would come. For the extra cautious individuals, it probably won’t matter to have a traditional gas mask handy. But for those who don’t want to catch too much attention and be labeled as too paranoid, but still want to have something in case of an emergency then maybe they could consider the bra gas masks to save their noses (talk about discreet, huh?).

The bra gas masks should not be underestimated for it is actually an award winning piece of underwear—or rather, a public health item. Invented by Dr. Elena Bodnar of Illinois together with two others, Raphael Lee and Sandra Marijan of Chicago, the brassiere cum gas masks won the 2009 Ig Nobel Prize in the Public Health category. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Ig Nobel Prize is supposed to recognize the science inventions that could make us innocent people think and laugh at the same time. Now, the brassiere is up for grabs with the price tag of $29.95.

How could it exactly save your life in case of a biological war fare strike (or in case someone lets out gas so strong that you think you’ll just die merely smelling its vapor)? If you’re wearing it, you just need the talent to pull it out from the inside of your top. Then, once the bra is removed, its cups could be worn as two separate gas masks (so one for you, one for your boyfriend, or that hot guy in the subway whose number you’ve been wanting to get). Cover your nose and mouth with the brassiere cup, then pull the strap around your head and lock it. Now, you can breathe safely. And oh, you may want to put on a nice cologne, perfume or lotion before wearing it for a more pleasant breathing experience.

It is weird indeed. And you might be thinking “no way I’m gonna use a bra as a gas mask” or “I’m not yet that dumb” but come on, in case a real bio war fare should really strike, no one would really care if you’re wearing a rug or a bra against your nose and mouth just to save your life.

For a live demo of how the emergency bra mask works, watch this clip:

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Man Selling A Girl to Walmart Shop (Stripper In A Cart Video)

Posted on 18 September 2010 by pinoytutorial

If you haven’t seen something that will make you say “WTF” for this weekend, then this video would certainly make you wanna — Over and over again. Check it out.

I can’t even begin to imagine being on that place at a Walmart shop. So apparently, there’s this guy and his GF who’s too drunk to stand up (Which looks like a far-version of Ke$ha) So the green-guy’s solution was to shoot her GF inside the cart like a grocery bag and handle the situation like a real man.

I didn’t go laughing that much until the 2:50 mark starts. When Mr. Green-man had started to put kesha inside the cart and start throwing those bags like he’s going to sell the girl at the counter.

The greatest part about this video is the guy filming this clip mercilessly and that Walmart lady at the counter who’s mischievously laughing with him when green-guy starts to pound the bags on kesha.

That makes you want to ask, are drunks allowed in WalMart on the first place? —  I know, this guy isn’t!

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MissHannahMinx Biography: Sexiest Japanese Teacher in Youtube!

Posted on 11 September 2010 by pinoytutorial

If you are a normal netizen, then you probably watched youtube a dozen of times by its ‘most viewed category for the day’, perhaps just for pleasure and fun. Likewise by doing so, you encountered this goth-chick with a voluptuous body which can speak Japanese and resembles a real life sexy-anime fantasy all at the same time. Please welcome, Miss Hannah Minx!

hannah minx

We searched Google hoping to see, if her real life name was really ‘hannah minx’ or more about her biography, but everything seems to be a bit vague. Perhaps, to protect her identity. Anyway here’s what we found. Remember, we’re just chewing the pages of Google here.


miss hannah minx

According to her youtube channel, Miss Hannah Minx is a youtube vlogger and a University student as well. Her age is 21 (she is older today) Her hometown is at Philly, and country in Japan. She started her first youtube channel on July 18, 2008 and started her second one (bonusminx) Just recently this July 6, 2010. The theme of her videos are all about the Japanese culture. Usually, her fashion is on Goth.

One of her usual routines is to have a JWOW (Japanese word of the week) wherein she explains to the audience what’s the meaning of a certain word and use real life objects to describe it fully. Her videos are usually begin with a greet “Mina san, konnichiwa” which means “hello everyone” and her background music is very catchy. Much like from a video game.


Hanna Minx videos are always viral and currently she is #57 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Directors, #1 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Japan, #1 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Directors – Japan garnering a total upload views of 26,275,533, total channel views of 3,158,191 and hitting an estimate of 165 thousand subscribers.


miss hannah minx 2

Due to her bodacious body and D-cup size breast (we assume), anyone who laid eyes on one of her videos are being allured to watch her over and over again. Some commenters are claiming that the only reason she became popular is because of her cleavage, greatly exposed on each of her clips. While others are very happy about the way she presents the Japanese culture in Youtube. Anime fans call her as a goddess, anime queen, etc. Haters call her a Japanese wannabe bitch, fake-breasted jap, etc.

Our take:

The fact that Youtube doesn’t seems to be offended about her videos means it’s alright. Youtube is a place to relax and to have fun. And frankly, if you don’t like her videos then just press alt F4. There are billions of more videos for you to choose from. But seriously, if you’re a a guy, would you want to do that? – I’m just sayin’ 😀

How to contact her:

If you want to know more about her, you can reach Hannah through her twitter account or Facebook. Just make sure what you will ask is something sensible and not smutty. Like the other dirty-tom which came before you.

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