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Rafael Nadal Watch: Tourbillion RM 027 (Half a Million dollars!)

Posted on 29 May 2010 by pinoytutorial

He was the world number 2 in the World of Tennis. Known to be such a warrior in court and is really awesome in terms of playing performance. But today, Rafael Nadal will not just be known for his tennis playing ability but also with an expensive gadget that would grace his arm. The tennis superstar had signed a deal with the Swiss high-end watchmaker Richard Mille to develop a special watch that included an aerospace technology. The Tourbillon Watch RM 027 is a watch specially designed for Rafa Nadal.

RM 027 is said to be the lightest mechanical watch to be ever made. Its movement base plate is made from Titanium and Lital alloy, a high lithium content alloy containing aluminum, copper, magnesium and zirconium with a density of 2.55. The alloy mixture also includes Lithium which is considered as one of the lightest elements is expected to provide strength without added weight. The said watch is now considered the world’s lightest mechanical tourbillon wristwatches with a movement weight of just a mere 3.83 grams. On the other hand, its watch case includes composite of carbon for tough and resilient enclosure for the movement at its center. The back bezel is monoboc for a total lightness feeling. Stiffness and rigidity is also being offered by the glass, the bezel and the flange in carbon.

Richard Mille’s idea of a lightweight mechanical watch had not always receive good feedback from others, there were even some who would not embrace his idea, but he was just so eager to make one that he had started experimenting with the concept of weight reduction in haule technology. And now, we can see all the fruits of his hard work and the outcome of believing.

The watch also had started receiving good impression from others considering its beautiful appearance and features and also the fact that it is being used by Rafaekl Nadal. Nadal is known to be having no compromise where it comes to his sports and performance, so wearing this watch at the French Open just says it all.

The 23 year old tennis superstar said that he felt much honored for being chosen by Miller to be one of his ambassadors. He even said that even before he had a special feeling about the watch and that he is hoping that they will be able to build such a special and successful partnership.

Miller on the other hand, felt almost the same. He said that he just love Nadal’s good personality, humility, love and respect to others, that he was such a gentleman, a feature that will not be expected of him considering that he is such a warrior in battle inside the court.

Tourbillon Watch RM 027 is really a very attractive and amazing watch but it will only be produced in 50 pieces and will be distributed worldwide. It will also be tagged at $525,000, a price that I think only superstars can avail.

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Livejournal allowed Ads posting, sounds great?

Posted on 23 September 2009 by pinoytutorial

Wrong, this is probably the worst compensation we’ve ever heard. Don’t believe us? Read  on.

We don’t know if we should be excited at the news that finally,  Livejournal bloggers/users will start to get paid. Livejournal, a social networking blog site offers its users the option to post Google ads via Adsense.

At least, after many years (the platform started in 1999) of creating blogs in Livejournal it finally joined the pack of Bloggers and Typepad of utilizing Big G’s cash cow.  “Your Journal – Your Money” – the program’s name which lets LiveJournal’s “loyal” users insert ads into their blog and keep 100% of the earnings (wow, pretty exciting huh?), but after Google takes their cut (BOOO!).

This is the excerpt of the deal from LiveJournal:


To make matters worst, users will need to be PAID LiveJornal members in order to participate on this program. Say that again, you should be a paid member? Are you serious?

How much should I pay to avail of this super “DUPER” deal?

According to the segment, LiveJournal members should pay US$19.95/ year and upgrade their account to participate. It means that before you see a real profit, you must at least earn more than 20 bucks every year. Talking about a total rip-off! Plus, Google will take other charges and how about incurred charges when you use the very friendly 3rd party money offices to manage your account.

Do you still want to join this program?

We guess, the program “Your Journal – Your Money” all points to LiveJournal, which means all the profits and earnings funnel down to their pockets. Many old users and new “would be” bloggers might get turn off on the premium imposed on posting ads, even before earning! Why join this program if Blogger (Blogspot) offers the same and for FREE? Same with Typepad.

blogger typepad

As a suggestion, LiveJournal could have imposed the Advertisement charge by making it proportional with the profit of the users. Example, say charge 3% for the first US$ 20 earnings, at the very least users will have a ceiling in case they didn’t earn enough for the year.

Other workarounds could be utilized such that it would be a win-win situation on both users and LiveJournal party and not single-sided only.

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Posted on 31 August 2009 by pinoytutorial

Today, the term “scam” is not a “new tone” for web users anymore. Ironically, when you search a query like “scam” in Google, vast amount of complaints are furiously spread throughout forums, blogs and even social networking sites. It seems countless individuals are still uneducated. What is happening to the world wide web? Aren’t we learning from the same mistakes over and over again?

So we decided to create a new list of scams for 2009. We are hoping that somehow this post can reach the majority and save someone else’s “wallet” when he or she come across with a “web-wolf”

wolf www

Guys, if you think like this way:

I am sure scam will not happen to me, because I am smart, I know everything and I am not fooled easily.

Then be careful, ‘coz you are the typical target of a scammer.  Forget other scam that seems impossible to believe like “You win a lottery ticket!” or the classical “You have a million dollar savings waiting for you”.

These are all new and it’s happening as we speak!

1. Nigerian Scam Remix

Ever received a letter from a stranger. It’s usually the one that is in your “spam/bulk” mail area. Telling you something like this?

nigerian scam 1 nigerian spammer

1st remix: “I am a person who lives in Zimbabwe, who has a father who is a wealthy officer and recently died and I am having problems how can i take care of the money” blah blah, “I am planning to send you the money worth US$21,320,000 hoping you will give your credit card number so we can do the transaction.”

2nd remix: “Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I got your contact from the International web site directory. I prayed over it and selected your name among other names” blah blah “My late Mr Boni Amah whom was killed by the rebels that attacked our country cote d’Ivoire west Africa and took over our town (BOUAKE). I ran to Abidjan the economical capital of cote d’ivoire from were I am contacting you” blah blah, My father has a sum of “US$9,000,000(Nine million united states dollars) kept in a private security company here in cote d’ivoire in my name as the next of kin”

“I want you to become a guardian, and hoping we can do the transaction by you giving your credit card account number. Thanks and GodBless”

Common denominator: My friend you have been hitted by an old yet cunning “Nigerian scam”. These type of messages always ask  for your credit card number and personal information so they can use it like their own identity to victimize other people.

How to deal with it:

  • Don’t reply, Delete the message immediately. Try to use email provider coming from,, These email have built-in options to blocked e-mail by id and automatically put this type of messages in your spam box. You can also “filter” these messages if you are still receiving these spams frequently.

2. Dating Networking Scam

I know that many people nowadays are venturing into dating sites aside from, hoping the next site they will found is free of charge! Little  do they  know, the fact that it’s FREE means it’s an eye-candy for scammers too. These crooks will join these dating sites in a form of a “sexy-looking” gal that will try to communicate with you and steal your personal data and use it as a form of identity theft for their next victim.

datingsite date1

Sample: Dear [victim’s name here], I am Alissa and I came across from Georgia. I am still new to this dating site and I am just trying to see what this site has stored for me. I am looking forward to know you more personally, if you will give me a chance.

Common Denominator: They all want to get to know you more personally, and wants your email, your personal account and their “barometer” of trust is you give them your sensitive data like your credit card, home-address, phone number etc.

How to deal with it:

  • If you really like to go deep with complete FREE dating sites, expect these type of messages. You really need to become smart by knowing the person first (through asking with her webcam “on”) Try to see if her smiles and keystrokes are correlated seamlessly and not in a “abnormal pattern”.Otherwise, you could be dealing with a cam-bot. So be wary!
  • Golden Rule: Never give your personal data if you are not actually sure who you are dealing with!
  • And why do you need to give your personal data at a dating site? You should be doing that for real! where you can see the person (and not in a picture from a profile you know only for 5 minutes) This type of defensive-thinking alone will surely save your sanity and help you not fall as another prey for these dating “predators”.

3. Adult social networking site

As of today, millions of people are joining Adult oriented sites. I can’t stressed to you, that you shouldn’t be there on the first place. However, In case you are already “in the club”, you should be more than careful not to give your sensitive information, especially if that “smutty” site is not popular yet (meaning only few had recently joined).

adults adult XXX

Sample: Hi we are from ENK-ENK-ENK  and we are inviting you to join our site to see with our beautiful models who are wanting to meet you personally! As for now, you are only a regular member and you can’t send an email to our models or view them their cam. You need to become a Silver member or a Gold member to enjoy these services. Pay now, through your credit card! (don’t worry we are offering an exclusive 1 dollar a view to make sure it won’t cost you much. This is a once in a lifetime offer other sites don’t give. Join now!)

Common Denominator: They are all eager to see you type your credit card information in that “credit-card form” they provide you. It really doesn’t matter if it’s only 1 dollar a view or the cheapest ADULT SITE IN THE HISTORY of X X X. Once you input your credit card number then you are in for a big trouble my friend.

How to deal with it?

  • When it comes to payment, if their payment form doesn’t have a VERISIGN seal then trash that website. Their credit card form will record your credit card information and use it for purposes like (stealing, bid it to hungry online-black market sites, sell it to another person etc.) So much for the addictiveness to adult networking sites ei?


Tip: Try a Google search and type something like this in the search form “IS a scam?” you will love the results that you will see from fellow users who has already been victim and sharing their melodramatic experience with that adult site!

4. Paypal/Amazon/E-Bay/Citibank Scams

While you are browsing your email address you see about this incredible offer coming from Trusted Sites giving you an offer, and all you need to do is join!

paypal scam

ebay scam

citibank scam

Sample: We are from Citibank and currently you are being handpick as our lucky online member of the day, check this LINK and join our website to automatically join and become our PREMIUM member. And enjoy a 25-50% discount when you buy products using that account. Offer you wouldn’t want to miss!

Common Denominator: They all want you to join in their fake/Phishing website, thus wanting you to give your personal information and credit card account, for them to steal it.

How to deal with it:

  • If you have never been a Citibank/Paypal/Ebay etc. member before, why are they e-mailing you right now?
  • REAL Trusted websites WILL NEVER EVER ask you to join them and gives a some sort of a RAFFLE contest. The Last thing on earth that they will do is to handpick you out of millions of people telling you to join in their website and become a premium member instantly.
  • A way of determining if it’s a scam, is by clicking their link and try to see if the URL is valid or genuine. Try searching that URL on google and see if it’s on the TOP QUERY page also. A Phishing site is noticeable too, if it contains (mispelled, dangling or very-long URLS)

5. PTC site Scam

What is a PTC site? It’s a website that gives you money once you click in a certain advertisment that they give to you. Though, there are some  genuine PTC sites that pays you, the majority are “just hiding in a sheep’s clothing”.


Common Denominator: These PTC site wants you to PURCHASE their “PREMIUM” package (Buy this $500 worth of package and have 300 people clicking for your own network instantly!) After payment, you thought you are given a unique clicking network on your downline. When it’s time for the payout, you will be surprised that their so-called “admin” will say they have send you the money already? Then you wait in vain for months, after that you suddenly heard a news that their website is closing down because of DOS attack, trojan etc. and that’s it! ASTA-LA-VISTA BABY, your money is GONE!

How to deal with it:

  • You must see how old the PTC site, if it’s just new. Wait for some time to see what other users have to say.
  • How frequent is the payout? What is the Minimum payout? If the answer of the website is: every month and the least payout is around $10. You have a good one. Make sure you always withdraw the money and don’t make it reach a hundred dollars. Play safe.
  • Don’t let be fooled by some fake screenshot by other people showing how much they have gain from that PTC site. Majority of these people are exaggerating.

C’mon why boast your money to other PTC users? that will make you look like too-rich and people would not want to click your ads anymore. Make sense, right?

  • So far the only PTC site I see with a VERISIGN is, actually the only PTC site that has celebrated it’s 2nd anniversary.
  • Once you see a PTC site offering packages for buying instant “clicking” network, It’s a SCAM. It just means that the PTC site wants QUICK CASH! A good PTC site, will never play a “BINGO-GAME” out of their member’s affiliated network.
  • Google it out! and search it!

See more details on The top reasons why you shouldn’t invest on PTC sites?

6. Software/ Tool Genie Scam

Ever visited a site and it’s selling a software or a tool that sounds like it can do everything like a GENIE? Usually these type of softwares are cloaked as an “SEO TOOL” (Search Engine Optimization) to help web-publishers boost their RANKS in Google or a traffic-generator that creates near-like-miracles with your website? Well sad to say guys, some of them are SCAMS!

genie question mark

Common Denominator: They don’t offer any trial or guarantee that what you are receiving is the actual thing that they are selling on their advertisement. When you bite their BAIT, your money is gone! and what will you receive? Another software tool, that can only done one of the things these crooks promised their product can do. Worst, sometimes the software has a license and you need to buy for the license to work. Another scam indeed!

How to deal with it:

  • Get a Trial Version of what they are supposed to be selling
  • If it sounds like it can do anything, it means it’s the opposite.
  • Find the name of that software and search about that product, a wise buyer will always do a background check in google to see how many people had bought that product and see what are their reviews about it.

7. Twitter Scams

Twitter has been one of the most “booming” social networking sites today. On this year, Twitter had almost tripled its ranking based on alexa.  Currently, at the top 15 spot (recently dethroned microsoft’s rank). With an ingenious way of sharing your “micro-blogs” in a form of “tweets”, millions of netrepreneurs are starting to harness the power of this “blue-chick”; However, along the success of a networking sites comes the scams. I guess you can never avoid it!

twitter scams

Common Denominator: Just in case you stumble on a website, with a title “How did I earn thousands of dollars using twitter?” or “It’s really easy to earn millions with twitter!” telling you to buy a wonderful seminar he/she made just for you. My dear reader, make sure that you do your “homework” first about that website. Before taking a false-step.

How to deal with it:

  • If the suspect’s site is a blog, try to see how many readers it has obtained. If it’s fewer than your pets in the house. Then it sure is a scam. Seeing the quantity of readers is one of the best “barometer” if a certain website is a swindler or not.
  • See comments from other users, not only inside the advertiser’s blog. But outside as well. Do a quick search about google using queries like “is twitter xxx a scam” or “who bought twitter xxx” etc. Usually, a victim always spurs out from the crowd when being scammed and if you are lucky enough, you will be reading their sad story even before you take your BIG-LEAP!
  • If you think that website is a legitimate site. Try to contact the advertiser and ask some inquiries like (how is the payment done? How will your products be deliverd? Is there a warranty? etc) See if you will receive a reply. A “fakee” who wants to earn quick cash is so busy creating bot accounts and replying with a “human-tone” is quite hard to do for these guys.

In our opinion, there are still a lot of scams out there. Make sure you educate yourself properly. As my mentor always says:

“There’s always a crook born everyday”

crook baby

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Top reasons you need to consider before using paypal

Posted on 05 August 2009 by pinoytutorial

money Whenever I see an article about paypal, it’s usually one-sided. It shows only the good side or only the bad side, but never the whole package.  Usually paypal related articles are set to flame by constant criticisms. People want something that shows the heads and the tails of the coin and not the former only.  So, what I did is interview people who shared both bitter and sweet symphonies about their paypal experiences. And for the first time, I am giving you the opportunity to see what’s been hidden to your eyes all along. These are the top reasons you need to consider before using paypal services.

So what is paypal again?

paypal_logo PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.

Currently, PayPal operates in 190 markets, and it manages over 184 million accounts (More than 73 million active accounts). PayPal allows customers to send, receive, and hold funds in 19 currencies worldwide. These currencies are the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Chinese renminbi yuan (only available for some Chinese accounts, see below), euro, pound sterling, Japanese yen, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Hong Kong dollar, Hungarian forint, Israeli new sheqel, Mexican peso, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, Polish zloty, Singapore dollar, Swedish krona, Swiss franc and U.S. dollar. PayPal operates locally in 13 countries.

Today it’s consider as the DE-FACTO (proclaimed STANDARD) for transferring money ONLINE.


Majority of websites prefer paypal for money transferring

Well-established sites connect through paypal, as a medium for selling products to certain individuals. These websites don’t even have money-transferring system embedded in their website. They just rely on paypal for e-commerce.

money1 ebay

Ebay doesn’t accept any money-transferring site other than paypal

Ever dream of building your own online business with Ebay? Well if the answer is YES, then it’s time you trust paypal, because you are required to use it once you become a member on Ebay. The only choice you got on this one is to join or not to join.


Meaning there’s no major report of a credit card account being EXPLOITED with the use of

You can file a dispute or a trackback

What is a DISPUTE? If the buyer didn’t received a product in a specific duration of time, that person can file a dispute and the money will be return 100%. For sellers, they can file a TRACKBACK meaning when someone filed a dispute against them. Sellers can send a proof (something like a certificate, transfer code, proof of transfer etc.) authenticating a product transaction on their behalf. TRACKBACKS are USED to protect SELLERS from ABUSIVE buyers, so as DISPUTE protecting the BUYERS from the former. In case you ask who will be the JUDGE? well it’s non-other than PAYPAL employees. So you really need to call them!

Transform your website to an e-commerce site with the use of simple HTML codes

Want some donation link inside your blog? Or, how about an instant e-commerce in your site? Well now you can! Just insert a PRE-GENERATED HTML CODE from your paypal account to your website. And voila! once a user clicked that link, that person will be automatically transferred to paypal gateway to pay on your account you have chosen.

Other security features for geeks alike

Paypal uses a 128 bit SSL security encryption. So you want to know how secure is a 128 bit SSL security? see this example:

A 2 bit means 2 raise to the power of 2 so meaning to crack it you need to GENERATE at least 4 combination sounds easy to hack right? well if it’s 128 bit it means 2 raise to the power of 128 which is equal to an estimation of 339 TRILLION combinations. How’s that TOUGH guy?

Also, paypal uses VERISIGN. Today, verisign is the standard seal for VERIFYING the security of  a certain WEBSITE. Verisign’s sole purpose is to SCREEN-OUT hackers everyday who DESPERATELY try and exploit weak databases for their own personal gain.


Paypal has the lowest fees for transactions

Other money-transferring websites competing with paypal have unreasonable transaction fee for each transfer their clients commit. I guess common sense will tell you that they are doing these because they are not POPULAR as PAYPAL.


I guess this one is self-explanatory already 😀

Paypal offers good discount to major brands

Want a Dell Laptop with a 20% Discount? or How about a Nike shox for 30-40% Discount? I don’t know ’bout you, but I think this kind of offer is SWEET 🙂

iphone nike

153 million accounts worldwide and availabe in 190 countries

Millions of people are joining paypal. I bet the quality of the service paypal provide is unmatchable on their league. country

Now, for those anti-paypal protagonist who wants to see a different view about paypal. Please check page 2 of this post below.

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Posted on 05 August 2009 by pinoytutorial

I know some of you while browsing the internet may at some point try to google out this burning question  “HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE?”. And to your surprise you see lots and lots of guidelines, gimicks, ways and techniques on how to do this using the internet. Their never-ending catch phrase is  “DUDE IT’S REALLY EASY TO EARN MONEY ONLINE , TRY THIS ONE”.

I decided to create this topic in order to help those people who are thinking of venturing into this online business. These people don’t have a single clue that what they are going for is a BIG TRAP.

I’m just grateful that I didn’t end-up as a victim, How? by searching first and look around for more information about this scheme.  For you, this is your chance to learn the other side of the coin about this business.

Make_Money_Online make money online 2

What is a PTC/PPC (Paid-To-Click or Pay-Per-Click) site?

I know some of you may be  against to what I will say since you already started investing your time and effort with many PTC sites. And you maybe contented with the $0.01 per Click payout to a certain website.

Now, let me have a recap for the benefit of those people who still doesn’t know what PTC or PPC sites are. From the name itself , it means these certain website will pay you “an equivalent amount of money per click on a website they choose to have for your account. Usually,  a click amounts to $0.01 ( I have never heard a PTC or PPC site that offers 1 cent a click because otherwise they will go bankrupt)


How Does it work?

The safest and most popular example  is, though there are other thousands of PTC sites out there who will just scam you, after you invested some REAL time clicking someone else’s ADS.

Now, how could you earn more than a CENT with this type of website? By “simply” inviting other people to join your network called your “AFFILIATES”. These people will click your link and sign-up as part of your network. Percentage of the amount of clicks generated by these invitees along with other persons they invited (under them)  will be transferred to your account, usually 50%.

In a nutshell what these PTC sites want you to realize is that  “THE MORE YOU INVITE A PERSON, THE MORE MONEY YOU WILL HAVE…”

My reply on becoming a MILLIONAIRE PTC MEMBER?? In your dreams!

Reason: If you would only read how these websites work and how LOW the payout is versus  the amount of time, effort and energy you have to invest on finding a new person to join your “CLICKING NETWORK”. It is totally not w-o-r-t-h it.

Some of the Reasons why PTC sites are just a headache to begin with

  • Finding an affiliate to join in your network is already hard the problem is on keeping those people to “click” even if they haven’t found a person to join their network. There will always be a “point of saturation” especially for people who doesn’t have enough patience and wants some quick cash. These type of people constitute the MAJORITY  who JOIN PTC/PPC SITES. And trust me, the moment they see their money is not increasing they will stop clicking 100%! The result? you will undergo into a process called “RINSE AND REPEAT” which simply means finding another person to join in your network while losing another cent for the whole-time. On the other hand, the person/s behind the PTC site is taking a relaxing outback adventure…. just to let you know.

no money

  • You are fighting a losing battle – the time you spent finding a person to join your network plus the time you spend creating ads and signature to forums just to gain a little amount of money , is not WORTH it.


  • You can only Click a certain number of advertisements per day –  which means per day, you CANNOT click a million advertisments to at least earn a decent amount of cash. As a matter of fact, most PTC SITES offer 10-20 ads to click per day. only offers 4 ads to click per day. Thus, you really need to find an affiliate to at least earn a dollar a day. Do you still think it’s a GOOD DEAL? speedlimit
  • Fake proofs – you probably have seen advertisments about this “Wealthy” and “Succesful” PTC user who print screen his/her paycheck amounting to thousands of dollars per month. This will be followed by a note from the PTC site telling that he/she is generating a lot of money and  will end with a user note like  “What a wonderful PTC site!”. PEOPLE, it’s NOT TRUE! trust me on this one.:D  I know a lot of people who generate this type of advertisments to attract people to join their network. The truth is, even they have a problem keeping their daily income to 5 dollars a day. Again, don’t be fooled what your eyes see, if it’s too good to be true then it probably is a scam.

$1000? yeah right.. click to enlarge big_lie

Bitter consequences

sad1 THE SAD PART: PTC/PPC SITES generate lots and lots of money (hundred to thousand folds) compare with their members who are very hard-headed, thinking they could earn a thousand dollars a month. On the other hand, imagine advertisers from thousands of publisher pay PTC site as much as 20 dollars per one thousand people who click on their ads.  Want to bet if these ads are always click by our POOR PTC users everyday? Well OF COURSE! more than you’ll ever know.

sad2 THE SADDER PART: if you try investing your money by purchasing some of PTC/PPC sites packages that offer something like at $300 you can buy 500 referals guaranteed! I am telling you right upfront, that PTC site will never last a year. 🙂 You cannot play a “BINGO-GAME” out of people who would become your affiliates.

sad3 THE SADDEST PART: Some PTC users were scammed before by another PTC-PPC site and they realize that these scams really work to a lot of people, so what do they do? instead of participating on reporting these sites to authorities, they return the effect of the medicine they receive and they create their own PTC site, invite a lot of people and when it’s payout time, they will send a group message

“SOMEONE GIVES A DOS (denial-of-service attack) and our system will be down for a while. Be sure to stay intact and rest-assured our website will be in 100% recovery after this ordeal thank you”

That’s their simple way of saying:

“WE HOPE YOU DIDN’T invest in our scam, we want to thank you because we fool you guys again, and we will now permanently disable this site, and will not leave a trace so we can start another PTC SITE SCAM LIKE THIS”

When it comes to quick cash, the only true thing about it is: The quicker you get the cash, the higher the chance that it’s a scam, the higher the chance that its payout is LOW and you have a lot of competitors. Because, they also want a QUICK CASH too! like you do.

Remember: It’s a Jungle out there, always wear your JUMANJI gear when you venture in the forest called “cyberspace”.


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