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Batman 3 Release Date on 2012 | Review

Posted on 05 July 2010 by pinoytutorial

The two previous batman movies titled, “Batman begins” and “The Dark Knight”, were both very successful. These two movies gained too much positive feedbacks and reviews from different people all over the world. These two movies were both directed by a brilliant director Christopher Nolan. Heath Ledger’s undeniably outstanding acting on “The Dark Knight” will forever be in minds and hearts of Batman fans. Nevertheless, fans are hoping to get the same amount of quality for its next sequel The Batman3.

Due to enormous success gained by Batman movies, Christopher Nolan is starting to complete the details for the third Batman movie. He has said that they were aiming to release the much anticipated sequel of Batman in 2012. Of course Christopher Nolan will be again directing Batman3. He and his two writers David Goyer (screenplay), Jonathan Nolan (screenplay) are already working on its scripts. They cannot enclosed all the details about Batman3 yet but Nolan recently said that the “Joker “(played by Heath Ledger) won’t be appearing on the film.

Some of the actors that are in no doubt will be included in the film are Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne), Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon), Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) and Michael Caine (Alfred). The film’s executive producer is Benjamin Melniker and Michael Uslan. Other producers are Christopher Nolan, Charles Roven and Emma Thomas. Other personalities involved in the film are Wally Pfister (Cinematography), Nathan Crowley (Production design) and Lindy Hemming (costume design).

One of the most important roles in the film “the riddler” (enemy of Batman) has yet to be finalized. There are rumors saying that Eddie Murphy, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Johnny Depp are the three candidates for playing “the riddler” on the film. They still haven’t released who’s who with regards to the role of “the riddler”. In addition, the actress to play “Catwoman” in the film also is still unknown. But there are rumors pointing Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cher and Maegan Fox to play this role.

People will surely love this much awaited film. The people behind Batman3 is aiming to give the audience high quality movie with the best graphic effects and perfect actors and actresses to play the roles in the film.  Knowing how carefully they are screening every single detail on the film you can’t help but hope for the best output.  Without doubt, Batman fanatics will continue to seek for new updates on the movie and keep on showing tremendous support for the upcoming Batman3!

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Avatar 2: Is it Real or just a Rumor?

Posted on 26 April 2010 by pinoytutorial

The Science-Fiction movie Avatar has already been acknowledged as an award-winning movie during the Oscar’s awards ceremony. The visual effects were great, especially in creating the world of Pandora and together with the sound effects, you really feel like you’re there onscreen as well. Okay, those plus the fact that the movie was in 3D. The 3D glasses were awesome, making you feel like you could just reach out and grab their tails right off.

Avatar 2

Okay Avatar fanatics, here’s a rumor that’s just fresh from the rumor mill that will just make your eyes widen. Even before the Avatar was shown in cinemas, there were already talks about a sequel to the movie. Yes, Avatar 2. In fact, we may expect until Avatar 3 since the movie is supposed to be a trilogy.

There have been speculations in websites that the director, James Cameron and the cast and crew have already talked about what the movie will be about. But no matter what happens, the cast and crew should just make it their mission to make the movie another hit success.

James Cameron, the Oscar-winning director has already announced to a London press that he does have plans to make two more sequels to this movie. In fact, he’s already talked to Fox about it and they’ve already discussed about the financial aspects of the making of the sequels. The director openly admits that he had spent a large sum of money for the first movie because of the high-tech equipments he had to use.

Avatar 2

The director and some of the cast members have already given a sort of preview on what the next movie will about, the setting and how it’s going to be like. They say the second movie will either take place and will still focus on Pandora, or they’ll take the action to another world. He said it will all depend on the audience if they still want to explore the oceans and rivers of Pandora or if they’d want another environment.

The sequel to Avatar will be shown in 2012, and by that time, the effects will be more amazing because they have more time to experiment with the equipments they have. Based on my opinion on the first movie though, before they go trekking and flying off into another world, they might want to discover the hidden world of Pandora that they haven’t shown to the audiences.

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Avatar Now Bags The Biggest Movie Of All Time | Best

Posted on 28 January 2010 by pinoytutorial

Avatar now claims the crown as the Box-Office Champion

Beating the 12 year-all- time Box Office movie hit Titanic is the breath taking Avatar movie from non-other than James Cameron. Yes it’s already official Fox has declared that Avatar has outdone Titanic which makes James Cameron the unbeatable director of Box-Office films. Avatar is on its sixth week and it already made a whopping $1.9 billion dollars (Titanic made $1.859 billion). The film is said to continue screening and is predicted to earn up to $2.5 billion dollars worldwide for the next 2 weeks.


Avatar is so far the best 3D fictional film that has ever been made and the income of the films proves it! If you haven’t watched the film yet you would definitely be interested to watch it after I tell you all the things that make this film worth every dough you spend. That makes the original budget of half a billion dollars for this film really worth it. The way the movie was made is like it was designed to really wow the viewers! I salute Director James Cameron for making this film so alive and vibrant plus I believe he made this film on a viewer and a critic’s pint of view sprinkled with a child’s fantasy and wild imagination. This film has proven to please all walks of life and all ages too.


This film is something you have never seen before. Each scene is surreal and though it’s fictional you might wonder if it is really just a fantasy or is it something that could be existing. That’s how great the film is! James Cameron was successful in making the impossible a reality, the film is a story of a land called Pandora and a Company called RDA Corp is mining for a precious mineral named ‘unobtanium’.

Pandora is inhabited by Na’vi creatures, a blue skinned sapient that is about 10 feet tall. The land’s atmosphere is toxic to human beings, but since they need to improve their relationship with the Na’vi RDA scientist decided to create a clone of the said species and they named it Avatar.

If you haven’ t seen the film yet I suggest you do! It will be all worth it I assure you. This is where I end my story because I don’t want to spoil the excitement but if you want proof then you can watch this movie trailer link I have for you!

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Paranormal Activity: Best or Worst Horror Movie for 2009?

Posted on 11 October 2009 by pinoytutorial

If you live in USA and been wondering where will you spent your days after the Halloween week, to at least savor the final days of the trick or treat period, then I think we have something that might perk the white-rat within you.

Paranormal Activity is a low-budgeted horror-flick film that is skyrocketing to the charts of IMDB and RT, did we mention social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter too?

paranormal activity wallpaper

So what’s so special with this low-budgeted film anyway?

It’s said that the film was already shown to few individuals on a cinema (auditorium) in US and brought sheer-terror upon viewing it. Critiques said, “It’s so scary, it made a simple screech of the door horrible already!” (click to enlarge)

screeniesscreenies 3 screenies 2

Due to its inadequate financial support, the producers of the film are finding it difficult to release the movie to the whole USA. So to solve the problem, they found a bright-solution! Use social-media.

So for the first-time in the history of movie industry, a film was released dictated by people who are dying to watch it. This brought a tremendous anticipation for viewers that gave the much needed boost for the film to be popular and bringing-on the cash for hitting the expected box-office premiere.

It’s said that, “If the movie reached 1,000,000 votes before November 8, then P.A will have its wide release on major cinemas in USA”

See the voting results from eventful.com1 million votes

Also, the leading role for this movie will be portrayed by aspiring starlets like Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat

kathie featherstonmicah sloat

(Ever heard of them before?)

Here’s the Trailer

That clip reminds me of three things:

1.) Blaire Witch Project 1

2.) The Exorcist

3.) Poltergeist

Now, here goes the “boy who doesn’t shiver” complex with me again. Frankly, I will be very happy if this movie live up to its promises on scaring the freak out of people. Not to break the bubble dream of some, but I think a movie that needs to use social-media just to fire-up this much anticipation doesn’t look like a scary movie at all. 🙁

We have watched countless of horror movies before this one. I must say, simplicity is good; being unique is nice but too much advertising before the real “steak” could bring the hopes of people too high and may end to a rough-fall when their expectations aren’t sought upon seeing the film.

If the movie will “just” rely on distorted still-shots and sneaky camera-angles to surprise people and make a fake-horror, then I have nothing more to say than “Be Original!”

I for one, loves good ole scary movies. But I think I’ll just wait this film in torrent sites for a DVD-rip copy for I may not get what I want.

Happy pre-Halloween to everyone!

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Jennifer’s body: Discovering the body of Megan Fox

Posted on 18 September 2009 by pinoytutorial

Who wouldn’t be attracted with this woman? I mean, if you’re a mammal and you came across with the “fox” species, it’s highly normal to think treasures hidden on her foxie skin every once in awhile.

Megan Denise Fox is like a bomb-shell that explode into the realm of celebrity way back 2007 on her first lead-role acting in the move Transformers (directed by Michael Bay). Since then, the world came into their sense what does Megan Fox truly means…. A Sex Symbol. If you don’t agree with me, I guess you need to check out this link from

meganfox3 meganfox1

Tomorrow (September 18, 2009) This will be the day-view of Miss Fox’s “disasterpiece” movie (as the crowd says) entitled Jennifer’s Body.

Plot? “A cheerleader who seduces young men into her own folly and eats them literally”

meganfox_jennifersbodyjennifersbody wallpapermeganfox_jennifersbody2

Hmmm, I must say this is one of the most dullest predictable movie I will ever see if someone asks me to watch it. How ironic Miss fox accepts the offer to be the “monster” in this prosaic film? Maybe Megan is too bored with the usual metals and robot-like lingo.

You got to see the [HD trailer]

Though the movie seems banal, I’m sure teenage-boys out there are already planning their “happy-time” on watching this movie. I hope they will bring tissue just in case…

It’s interesting how Fox is acting a bit peculiar lately, so we decided to check the latest buzz about her.

On her latest interviews, she is known to have a very “frank” tounge.

She despise people who wants to compare her with some gorgeous actress like Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson for the reason that “she is different”.

She also stated that working with Michael Bay is like working with Hitler. (LOL) For sure, the guardians of the bay production reacted violently to what Fox said, though Mister Bay himself retort very calmly and just said “it’s just part of her charms”

Megan Fox has a tendency to become severely emotional.

According to news on MTV, she often struggles to control her temper, leading to some explosive outbursts towards her unsteady-BF Brian Austin Green (former Melrose Place actor)

The Star even warned her BF about her terrible temper. she said:

“You have to go and stop talking to me, because I’m going to kill you. I’m going to stab you with something. Please leave”

Fox said that’s the reason why she would never own a gun, ‘coz she wouldn’t shoot to kill.

“But I would shoot him in the leg, for sure”

The 23 year old actress confessed that she has this “emotional attacks” and she try to control it as much as she can.

Megan also said she feel’s very vulnerable.

“I’m really insecure about everything,” she said. “I never think I’m worthy of anything. … I have a sick feeling of being mocked all the time. I have a lot of self-loathing.

“Self-loathing doesn’t keep me from being happy,” But that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle. I am very vulnerable. But I can be aggressive, hurtful, domineering and selfish too. I’m emotionally unpredictable and all over the place. I’m a control freak.”

Megan Feels very sexy when getting “physical”

‘Whenever I can be physical it helps me a lot with the actual acting aspect. I prefer it. If I could just be either beating someone up or getting my a*s beaten in every scene I would love it. Sexy!’


There you have it Megan-fans/Fox-fanatics from the mouth of the babe. If you think you are “turned-on” on what she said above then I guess you hit a jackpot just be sure that you can play a psychiatrist every time she does her emo-assault.

However, if you are having second thoughts on Miss Fox right now, fearing she might really eat you alive then be wary my friend, you are not alone :p

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The all time box office movies in the philippines

Posted on 20 August 2009 by pinoytutorial

If you are reading this post then it means you are interested to know the type of movies that make filipinos spend money out from their wallets. Thanks to wikipedia, a complete list of the highest paid movies in the Philippines is now possible to create.

These films were responsible in making pinoys cry, laugh, daydream, freak, shriek (all the emotions you can think of… ) Rocking since the days of TITANIC.

After finishing the list, I am quite disappointed. Find out why…

Rank Movie title Movie logo Box-office gross Year
1 Spider-Man 3 spiderman3 ₱ 423.46 million 2007
2 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen transformers 2 ₱ 300+ million 2009
3 Transformers transformers 1 ₱ 272.65 million 2007
4 Superman Returns superman returns ₱ 256.04 million 2006
5 You Changed My Life you change my life ₱ 230.44 million 2009
6 Spider-Man 2 spiderman 2 ₱ 227.03 million 2004
7 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HP_order ₱ 219.42 million 2007
8 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire hp_goblet ₱ 199.16 million 2005
9 Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat tanging_ina nyong lahat ₱ 197.00 million 2008
10 Spider-Man spiderman 1 ₱ 195.65 million 2002
11 Titanic titanic ₱ 194.00 million 1998
12 Sukob sukob ₱ 186.41 million 2006
13 A Very Special Love a very special love ₱ 179.57 million 2008
14 Twilight twilight ₱ 179.16 million 2008
15 Ang Tanging Ina tanging ina ₱ 177.82 million 2003

Find anything unusual?

If you will check the movies created by our neighboring countries like Korea, Taiwan, Japan etc. Their highest paid FILM was a FILM CREATED by their people and NOT created by FOREIGNERS. You can see clearly in the list that if we will deduct the last 5 out from the top 15 and make it only top 10. The pinoy films that ever reached the TOP was “Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat” and “You Changed My Life” only. The rest are all foreign films.

Want to know what’s more strange?

If you will make a little comparisson between the storyline of the 8 foreign movies vs the 2 local movies that made to the top 10. It seems the former (foreign movie) has a deep storyline, astounding visual effects and has a clear and crispy quality of movie production compare to the latter ( “You change my life” and “Ang tanging ina nyong lahat”) which we all know has the opposite characteristics compared to the foreign movies said.

Ever wonder, why our local movie producers keep making the same FILMS that the majority of pinoys don’t even like to watch?

It’s like: C’mon guys! Why create a movie that won’t be viewed by the majority of Filipinos?


What happened to the BIG budget given to Philippine movie industry every year to create a superior quality of films? Please don’t tell to the filipinos that it’s being pass to someone else’s wallet again?


I have always been a believer with the talents of Filipinos striving for the best. I just hope these people will have the chance to grow and be recognized and replace the “old alligator” producers who were responsible for making the quality of Philippine movie production “poor as a pauper”.

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