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Largest Spy Satellite Launches Into Space: Reason Unknown?

Posted on 27 November 2010 by pinoytutorial

Just recently the United States of America launched its biggest satellite ever into orbit. The exact purpose for doing such launch is a top-secret, but there were some speculations that it has to do something with gathering some important information for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office.

The satellite was known as the NROL-32 and it was sent into orbit through a Delta 4 Heavy rocket. Delta 4 is apparently the largest unmanned rocket that has the most powerful liquid-fueled booster. This rocket has a height of around 235 feet and made up of three boosters which are arranged in a line to give it some sort of three-column appearance. The Delta 4 was built and launched by the United States Alliance, which is partnership between Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

The NROL-32 was sent into space around 5:58 pm of November 21, 2010 from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida after a series of delays due to some technical reasons. NRO Director Bruce Carlson has confirmed a month ago that NRO is planning some satellite launch and apparently said that it would be the most aggressive of all in the past 20 years. Carlson further states that these satellite missions are very important for NRO and very much needed in order to replace those satellites that are very useful in their intelligence missions in the past that are expiring soon.

Well, it seems that the United States of America is making some important moves that are associated with the improvement of the countries national defense. If you can remember they have also launched the TerreStar-1 rocket back in July 2009, which is the largest commercial satellite ever launched in space. The launch of the NROL-32 satellite is apparently the fourth launch of the Delta 4 rocket and also the second satellite launch made by NRO within the three months, the first being the NROL-41 reconnaissance satellite which was launched last September 20 via an Atlas 5 rocket.

Whatever the exact mission of NRO in launching the NROL 32 is, the fact still remains that this step made by the NRO will definitely be an important part of the history.

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Adsense Team Revealed: Meet Debby and Evanne, The Adsense Babes.

Posted on 08 July 2010 by pinoytutorial

Like most of the thousands of adsense publishers out there, we all can share our bitter and sweet moments with it. And obviously, some of you may fall off short with the ‘enigmatic’ rules of Google, costing your account to be penalized or worst – Banned for good.


For years, many were revolting about this unfair treatment of Adsense to its publishers. So now, coming from the horse’s mouth. They will start to reveal people who are part of the adsense team, so at least you know – That it’s not Eric Schmidt, or Matt Cutts who drops the ban-hammer on your account.

Of course, their names are hidden under those titles like “senior manager”, “officer in charge”, etc. But perceptibly, there’s something more than meets the eye.


By the way, no one knows why Google is starting to do this. Perhaps, because of the ‘oh-so-many’ hate messages being circulated around the web against their Number one Milking Cow a.ka Adsense? Or.. maybe because Big G is now having a drop on its annual ROI for its advertising service. Anyway, as mere mortals, it would always be kept as strictly classified to us.

So the most recent one uploaded was this video. Check, Debby… Another google babe.

Don’t like Asians too much, eh? Check out Evanne. Find out what she likes…

So did you feel good after you’ve watched these videos? I’m sure you did. But as usual, feeling good is the only thing we would ever feel for them. For, the whole transparency of Adsense will still move in mysterious ways.

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Let Me In 2010 Release Date And Review

Posted on 03 July 2010 by pinoytutorial

let me in 2010_1

With all the excessive craving about vampires ravishing into our realm, somehow you would ask yourself what’s so fascinating about them? I’m not a movie expert nor a savvy reader with blood sucking creatures. but if you have watched this Swedish movie, “Let the right one In”. Then certainly, your views about them would become different. And now, America is going to have a remake of it on a new movie entitled. “Let me in”.

Check out the video.

The story, is about a bullied young boy named Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who falls in love with a pre-adolescent peculiar vampire girl named Abby (Chloe Moretz).

On the original movie, Let the right one in. The two protagonist are named, Oskar and Eli (respectively) And to give you something for comparison; Here’s the official trailer for it.

Actually, I have watched this movie two years ago. Just a couple of weeks before the official launch of Twilight, Just for the sake of it. And what I get from viewing it is somewhat, more than what I hoped for. As you can see, this is not your typical vampire ‘cheesy’ flick movie with those banal gory effects. The story line puts you into the characters. And in my point of view, this made my whole experience of watching Twilight, horrible.

I just hope, the remake of this movie will be that good – Which is going to be directed by Matt Reeves by the way. (same guy who directed, Cloverfield) Its expected release date will be on October 1, 2010.

Sidenote: Somehow, you would ask yourself, if this will be on Rated R as well. To think that on the original movie, you know? Eli.. Did something there.

let me in 2010

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Mortal Kombat Rebirth: Release Date | Cast of Characters

Posted on 12 June 2010 by pinoytutorial


Before Jun 7, we all knew Mortal Kombat as one of the ‘god’ arcade games of the versus era during the nineties. And as a bonafide kid of the 90’s – I live with these epic games. And it was really surprising to wake up one day, check out youtube, and there’s a video popping out on the screen with a title –MORTAL KOMBAT. At first I thought it was just a hoax, but after watching the vid. It was pretty legit. Check it out!

If you’re a fan of MK then you’ll probably wonder, what the heck happened to the real storyline of Mortal Kombat? I mean, you know? The one with all the cheezy ‘protect the earthrealm’ plot and the one with children of Raiden kind of stuff?

Anyway, If you’re curious, we found a credible source to prove that the new Mortal Kombat, which is very plausible to have a title, Mortal Kombat Rebirth — will have a revamped story line.

It was said that these changes is happening because of Warner Bros recent acquisition of Mortal Kombat and Spy Hunter Last August. Looking at the timeline and to think that WB is a mogul entertainment company, it would be safe to assume that a rebirth of a Mortal Kombat is very much coming.

By the way, Jeri Ryan, the one who will play the role of Sonya Blade confirms that “It’s not a game trailer” Actually it was made for the director to sell WB on his vision for a reimagined MK film,” On her twitter page it points out. ” I did it as a favor to a friend. No idea yet what WB’s reaction to it was.”

Certainly we’ll see more of these MK goodness once E3 arrives. And it’s very near! Furthermore, the new film may have a M rating. Hell yeah!

Updates: According to imdb — Warner Bros is looking to reboot the franchise, but Threshold Entertainment filed new breach of contract lawsuit to prevent it from moving forward. Funny thing here is, the expected release date will be on 2013? (Aw, no)

Mortal Kombat Rebirth: Cast of Characters

Jax Briggs – Michael Jai White

Sonya Blade – Jeri Ryan

Johnny Cage – Matt Mullins

Lateef Crowder – Alan Zane / Baraka

Hanzo Hasashi / Scorpion – Ian Anthony Dale

Reptile – Richard Dorton

Johnny Cage – Matt Mullins

Others coming soon! We’ll update you once the official cast has been unveiled.

Updates 2: It appears IMDB is showing two write-ups about Mortal Kombat Rebirth. One is released on 2013, and the other one is on 2010.

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Xbox 360 Controller Used for Remote Control Car?

Posted on 10 June 2010 by pinoytutorial

Toys are for boys they say. This is not true anymore. Gone are the days that these toys are for young kids. Toys nowadays have reached higher levels. They are now called gadgets which even grown-ups can play with. Take for instance the Xbox. An Xbox is a new generation video game console made by Microsoft and has competed with products like Sony’s PlayStation, Sega’s Dreamcast, and the Nintendo GameCube.

The latest product of Xbox is its Xbox 360. Using this gadget allows one to compete in the internet, download games, find game demos, get trailers, TV shows, music and movies and use its multimedia functions. But what if I tell you that the Xbox is more than that? Its controllers are more multi-purpose than what you thought it can be. With a few tweaks here and there, it becomes you’re ultimate gaming companion. But first, what is an Xbox controller? An Xbox 360 controller consists of two analog sticks, a pressure sensitive directional pad, two analog triggers, a Back button, a Start button, two accessory slots and six 8-bit analog action buttons. It takes control of the game you play but what if it also controls other things?

This is what actually happened when Dan Howery, a video game programmer in Chicago, upgraded his Xbox controller to manipulate his standard remote control car. He added an Arduino controller and a Bluetooth modem to the car. Not satisfied with the output, Dan also connected a wireless tilting video camera so that he can maneuver it right from his laptop which is found in another room. Dan called it the Creeper Bot.

So how did it worked? Like any Xbox 360 racer, the triggers made the car move to and fro, the left analog stick controlled the front wheels, and the right stick has camera control capabilities. Though the wireless camera is moving and swaying here and there and the Bluetooth has a limited range, it still proves to be worth a try. For now, it may just prove to be a nuisance to some dog but think of the possibility of putting those race cars on a race track and you would definitely say the race is on!

I think this is a genuinely good idea coming from a newbie. I mean the idea doesn’t come from any manufacturing company that aims to startle up the competition. It is a genuine move from a common person who loves gadgets and wants to jazz it up for his pleasures. I think that Microsoft and its competitors should start with the same spirit in making their products. They should think of it as a way of making more people happier and not only with goals of raising their revenues. On the other hand, I think Dan really is a whiz, awesome imagination man!

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World’s Fastest Motorcycle: BUB Streamliner is the fastest motorcycle in the world!

Posted on 02 June 2010 by pinoytutorial

I don’t know if this can be considered as a motorcycle but right now it’s currently hailed as the fastest motorcycle on earth! Looking at wikipedia, you can see that as long as a vehicle is using two-wheels then you can call it technically as a motorcycle – So I guess that makes this one pretty legit.


On September, 2009 – The BUB Seven Streamliner set the most insane record you can possibly think about riding a motorcycle. A speed which goes on 367.382 mph and an exit speed (going back) at 372.534 mph.

Here’s the video:

Actually, a normal .22 caliber long rifle has bullet speed of 350 meters per second. If you’ll convert the BUB Seven motorcycle’s speed, it will be around 165 meters per second. That’s about travelling half the speed of a bullet! If you’ll ask me? That’s wicked fast already!

The men who built this beast are very serious and they layout all the materials and that custom V-4 engine they used. See some of the pictures below.




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iPad Magic Commercial: Best iPad Advertisment!

Posted on 02 June 2010 by pinoytutorial

According to the Cupertino based company, their tablet is magical – and they do tend to keep on repeating that word over and over again on each advertisement they create and even with their email campaigns.

Question is, where’s the proof? I mean, okay, it’s fast, sleek and *cough, perhaps one of the best tablet today. (There I said it!) But where’s the magical part? – Like seeing rabbits jumping to it, or any disappearing act perhaps? C’mon! we want to see the pledge, the turn and the prestige, ya’ll know?

Okay, now that you ask for it, here it is. Ladies and gents, the iPad Magic!

One thing that I like about it is, it was done on a public place with no special gimmicks or whatsoever but the jap-guy still pull this one quite nicely. And if you’ll ask me, I think Apple should hire this guy and his staff for its next magical advertisement. (Or Apple already did?)

Btw, the title of this clip iPad Magic sub:E and the credit goes to salarymagician and his staff

So what do you think? Does this look like magical to you?

Some of the highlights:




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Drunkest Girl at 7Fest Caught on Cam! (video)

Posted on 31 May 2010 by pinoytutorial

If you happened to like youtube and visit it daily for its most viewed clips aka viral videos then I’m sure you can remember this drunken guy from Coachella getting owned by his own flip-flops!


Now, we thought that’s the end of those drunken fiasco clips, but it turns out just after a month another one surfaced and this one is even crazier, I mean way way crazier.. Check it out!

Woh, what was that? More importantly how did she get so drunk and be in that spot on the first place? And err.. look at that! Someone is even recording her – – I want to dive on that pool of mud — I supposed?

Hopefully, this chubby girl’s parents or close relatives won’t see this.


But I guess you and I know that whatever stays on youtube doesn’t stay on youtube.

Oh by the way, for those curious cats, this happened on Athens County, Ohio during the 7Fest party.

If you can call that a party, that is…

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Amazing Ninja Bear aka Kung-Fu Bear Playing (video)

Posted on 29 May 2010 by pinoytutorial

If you think bears are too sloppy and they just want to eat and sleep all the time, like Snorlax then you totally confused them with someone else.


I’m sure folks here who have watched Kung- Fu Panda can agree with me, but of course like anything, we need proof. Okay, scrooge here’s one for you!

Woh, look at that again! Is that what I think it is? A real Kung – Fu Bear?

kung-fu bear

Okay enough of the fascination, let’s see some facts here. Actually, the term ninja-bear has been there for quite awhile now and a certain breed of giant pandas actually plays with Bamboo sticks and then later on, eat it.

Now perhaps, Mister teenage mutant ninja bear here, may have got some of the characteristics of these pandas and he’s not afraid to show it. No?

Lucky crowd! I mean, its not everyday you go on to a park, and you see something as unique as this one.

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Iron Man Baby Is Here! (Iron Baby Video)

Posted on 28 May 2010 by pinoytutorial

Probably at this point, you have seen a lot of spoofs about Iron Man, since its debut up to its sequel. But this one from the tube caught our attention, very much.

iron baby 2

So put your 3D glasses on, and please welcome the Iron Baby! Actually, it was just uploaded yesterday (May 27) But it already has an estimated 330K hits – and it’s still rising. A cute viral video for everyone indeed. Here’s the clip.

What makes this really special, is that the producers (Patrick Bolvin) really come up with all the iron baby suit, special effects and all that video editing to make the iron baby look real.

Actually, the last part was very special. Look at those bugs bunnies with M-16 machine guns!


I just hope the producer wouldn’t make a Hulk Baby though.

So what do you think? Shoot us your comments below.

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