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Bush Wipes hands on Clinton’s Shirt: A George Bush Scandal?

Posted on 30 March 2010 by pinoytutorial

bush and clinton Is Bush really a fan of hand sanitizer?

BBC footage reveals former US Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton visiting a homeless site in Port-au-Prince, where they greeted inhabitants deposed by the earthquake.

On a charity trip to Port Au Prince, Haiti, the former US presidents came across with locals as they exerted to re-establish their ruined city. BBC video caught George W. Bush shaking hands with a Haitian local, with instantaneously wiping his hand on Bill Clinton’s shirt.

Despite the fact that it could be just as probable that Bush is only patting Clinton on the back, nearly all blogs and Internet denizens got for the worst possible scenario: That the ex-president is not simply snubbing the man he just shook hands with, however as well using Clinton as his own private handkerchief. Either way, the video had acquired over 700,000 views ever since it was publicized on video sharing site Youtube on Tuesday.

Although queries have been brought up as to whether Mr Bush was being offensive to the Haitians, courteously wiping away his own sweat and giving scarce respect for Mr Clinton in the course of action, otherwise if in fact the footage had been modified.

The footage has provoked tweets and blogs condemning the former president of insulting Haiti and perhaps Mr Clinton. Others have put forward he was merely being affectionate with his associate former president, while Guardian blogger Richard Adams has bounded to the justification of the gaffe-prone Mr Bush.

bush and clinton


If that is what really took place –Breitbart.TV initially brought the query upon witnessing the footage –it exploits Barack Obama’s tale of Bush’s compelling demand for hand sanitizer. Nevertheless no matter what Bush’s reason, it seems pretty awful.

The legend that this footage relates is either “this gentleman isn’t fond of black people” or else “this gentleman doesn’t like poor people”. Neither is the significance that any support group would eagerly throw: in spite of everything, an earthquake renewing zone will be, by designation, dirty and filthy.

Plainly, the gentleman who ruled America for 8 yrs and being an influential politician on earth by then is absolutely not just an ordinary person. It is humiliation that he does such a thing in excuse of either being killed or getting germs. Rumor has it that even his father, former president Bush senior had a similar trend. Either, they are racially prejudiced to black race or they are created in a different way from other human beings. Question is why? Wasn’t there an adviser to hand over the sanitizer than making use of Clinton’s (ex-president like him) shirt?

When will ever these politicians learn?

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All Of President Obama’s Failures Spoof On Saturday Night Live

Posted on 06 October 2009 by pinoytutorial

It seems US President Barrack Obama is becoming a celebrity literally says by the public. Other political-critiques says, ”He is just a face”. Business analysts called him, “The man who can’t close the deals”.

From the looks of it, doesn’t this portray a bad-sign for the falling economy of US?

obama smilingamerican economy

On a yet another Saturday night Live show (October 4, 2009), Obama got another proper-bashing from Fred Armisen (comedian). On a live spoofing coverage, sarcastic comedy spouted from the mouth of Mr. Armisen, mocking Obama’s works during his almost 1 year term. Some of the highlights of the said spoof, are the following:

  • Close Guantanamo Bay
  • Out of Iraq
  • Improve Afghanistan
  • Health Care Reform

“”There are those on the right who are angry. They think that I’m turning this great country into something that resembles the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, but that’s just not the case. Because when you look at my record it’s very clear what I’ve done so far and that is nothing. Nada. Almost one year and nothing to show for it.”

Here’s the complete video of the said spoof on Obama’s address [HQ]

Here’s the reply of CNN to the said spoof interview [HQ]

Bill Adair’s (Editor, made a comment to SNL

“SNL (Saturday Night Live) missed the mark on some of its claims”

I wonder what is the president’s reaction with these on-going spoofing?

Check these links about the recent highlights about President Obama:

US president calling kanye west a jack-ass

Obama “heart” by celebrities – See the I pledge video.

“Should Obama be killed?” Poll on Facebook

2016 olympic to brazil – What happened to USA?

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Alleged “Mikey Arroyo buying wine” photo during bagyong “ondoy”

Posted on 28 September 2009 by pinoytutorial

During the devastating attack of bagyong “ondoy” a.k.a Storm Ketsana, many Filipinos are fleeing to find a safe-ground. Some are praying, others are hoping that somehow the rain would finally go away.

ust gate2filipino fearing for their safety

Little did We know that in some corners of metro Manila lies a very familiar looking “gentleman” who is on a hunt. Not for food nor for a shelter but for a good ole exquisite wine!


Now, it seems the gentleman that we will be posting here has a look-a-like. Please take a look at these photos.

mikey arroyo interview mikey arroyo1 mikey arroyo interview

Oh is that Mikey Arroyo? The son of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? Yep, you are correct my friend.

Now look what we have here? (click to enlarge)

mysterious guy on a liquor shop

Hmm, to tell you the truth this photo is circulating the facebook-twitter world for a while now. And I thought if there’s anyone who should be given a privilege to verify the authenticity these photos, it should be the public (you).

Now, before we hear some unearthly reactions from people who think that we are going “judgmental” again. Please read again this post. You will see that we too aren’t certain who is the mysterious guy on that blurry picture.

Though, the only thing that we are quite sure is this one:

If you are a public official who enjoy a sweet spot on Malacanang Palace. Then all of a sudden, your country was hit by the worst flood ever recorded since 42 years. Logic will simply tell you that merry-making should be the last thing on your mind. Instead, a call to help for your fellow countrymen is your primary objective.

Frankly, we don’t care if the photo is authenticated or not. For the majority can create a fake yet legit looking-photos on a jiffy using graphic-tweaking softwares. We simply would like to remind those “dirty” politicians that the eyes of the public aren’t blind (as you may think they are). You may be shocked one day to find your face landing on the front-page of blogs and walls of other social-networking sites doing a humiliating act.

Let this be a reminder.

See Mikey Arroyo’s reply on this issue: Mikey arroyo bashing bloggers and social-media.

Visit: Jacque Bermejo: Dumbest Pinay to see more insensitive pinoys during the attack of bagyong “ondoy”.

(sources: blogosphere, toonpool)

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What If Hayden Kho becomes a lawyer?

Posted on 07 September 2009 by pinoytutorial

Who could have missed the face of this guy?

hayden endorser hayden kho wet hayden licking

His “heroic” tales still echoes in the minds of Filipinos even for some foreigners too! From the top of the line celebrity scandals, up to becoming the proclaimed “Philippine’s National XXX star”. Hayden Kho sure is the life of the gossip for young and old pinoys today.

It’s also worth including that this “gentle” lad revolutionizes the word scandal, kathrina halili and of course his name in the trends of Google’s most hottest topic for Philippines 2009. Because of him Philippines is once again coined as one of the most scandalous countries in Asia.


Surely, Hayden Kho keeps spinning the head of Pinoys right round, right round (faster than Flo Rida’s hit song “right round”)

kho dancing

Today, Hayden Kho stored another surprise for Filipinos. After all of his “misadventures” in his life, Mr. Kho is planning to go back school and study LAW


Woh, wait a minute bros and sisters! Are we talking about the Legal Law? The one who decides the right or wrong, good or bad? The protector of the sheep against the wolf? Oh this is very interesting.

Well, I guess it’s time to create some ramblings again and ask yourselves: “What if Hayden Kho becomes a lawyer?

Don’t you worry, we will be giving you some selections for you to pick, in case you get lost.

Let’s start now shall we?

  1. Mr. Kho will be the youngest attorney ever to received the “medal of dis-honor” amongst his colleagues of lawyers.
  2. The first lawyer who will protect “maniacs” out from helpless bonnie lasses.
  3. One of the heroic judges who will die just to “ trash” the anti-voyeurism bill in the Philippines.
  4. If Mr. Kho manage to become a chief-justice, he will be the first judge to pass a bill called “pro-voyeurism”.
  5. The first Filipino who became a doctor, a singer an endorser, a celebrity, an actor and a lawyer (try to beat that record!)
  6. Mr. Kho will become the stuff of legends for LEGALIZING (porn, adult related materials, XXX stuff, public scandals etc.) in the Philippines!
  7. The first lawyer who will legalized “kama-sutra” in nurseries books. (If ever someone create that)
  8. All rape-related charges for the past 40 years up to the present will all be waived. (because its just “Acts of Love”
  9. Will make Philippines, as “The most scandalous places on Earth”.
  10. Following What-If no. 9: Philippines will be the home for the richest adult-film makers. Swearing to pay the debt of Philippines because of the chivalrous protection of Judge Kho.

Some video to help you reminisce the highlights of Mr. Kho’s legacy

Pardon me If I cover only few of what Mr. Kho could have accomplished if he will become a lawyer. I left the other “what-if” for you to think guys, I am quite sure your head is good at this type of stories.

So what do you think?

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What if Erap becomes President again?

Posted on 28 August 2009 by pinoytutorial

erap-accused erap 2

Welcome to our first edition of Pinoy Tutorial “What if” articles. A compilation of juicy controversies and non political point of views.

Most of our “what if” articles feature political figures and well known individuals. Our purpose is to “stir” your brain cells and add  spark on your creative imagination.

Is it true?

It may or may not be politically correct. Our intention is not to reveal what are honest and truthful but to let our readers decide for themselves. There could be bits and pieces of valid information you would discover here. But, the point is to help you think deeper what these individuals could be hiding from you.


We believe that sarcasm and humor makes you learn something better. So, let’s have some fun doing this, alright?

First on our list is one of the most scandalous politician and well known actor, former and ousted President Joseph “Erap” Estrada. It was already in the newspost of the Daily Inquirer that “Erap” was almost sure (99.9%) of running for President. To know more other events on Erap Estrada visit our lifebytes section.

Let’s go to the BIG question now:

What if Erap becomes President again?

Think hard my fellow pinoy countrymen. The 2010 elections is just around the corner and we are smelling something “fishy” on Erap’s camp.

And just like any TRAPO (Traditional Politicians), Erap promises every “good and great” things for the Philippines. But have you really think what will happen if he wins?

1. Erap will get an unconditional pardon for his crimes

2. PAOCTF will be reborn and Ping Lacson will be its head

3. Erap will make “Jueteng” legal and will replace the Philippine lottery

4. First Gentleman Mike Arroyo will be sued and will go to Jail (great!)

5. The Philippines will have a new record “The Number 1 Most corrupt country in the world”

6. Erap will make FPJ a National Hero

7. GMA will be charged of wire tapping and corruption (another good news!)

8. Jinggoy will become Vice President

9. Ai-ai will become Philippines’ National Artist

10. Erap will become the wealthiest Filipino alive

11. Aling Dionisia will be the next MTRCB chairman

Last but not the least, Deputy Officer Chavit Singson will fly to the Artic region and start a fortune on selling BIG FISHES.

Not convince yet?

Check-out Erap’s newest commercial. We elaborated some hidden messages your eyes missed.

So now, are you still thinking “ambiguously” if the deposed Former President will/will not run for President? We give you again this question: What if Erap becomes President once more? What will happen to the Philippines?

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