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Iron Man Baby Is Here! (Iron Baby Video)

Posted on 28 May 2010 by pinoytutorial

Probably at this point, you have seen a lot of spoofs about Iron Man, since its debut up to its sequel. But this one from the tube caught our attention, very much.

iron baby 2

So put your 3D glasses on, and please welcome the Iron Baby! Actually, it was just uploaded yesterday (May 27) But it already has an estimated 330K hits – and it’s still rising. A cute viral video for everyone indeed. Here’s the clip.

What makes this really special, is that the producers (Patrick Bolvin) really come up with all the iron baby suit, special effects and all that video editing to make the iron baby look real.

Actually, the last part was very special. Look at those bugs bunnies with M-16 machine guns!


I just hope the producer wouldn’t make a Hulk Baby though.

So what do you think? Shoot us your comments below.

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  1. reneeswifts Says:

    What a baby!

  2. Chris Says:

    Awesome, except he should have made the baby's head bigger in order to more closely match the proportions of a baby instead of the smaller heard to more closely match the head-body proportions of an adult.

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