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Japanese Toilet Prank on Porta Potty: Voyeurism Video!

Posted on 04 October 2010 by pinoytutorial

We all know that Japan is the source of all the craziest reality game shows of all time. Such a small country but their people could just brew something out from their minds about some of the most obnoxious and abnormal things a normal guy can’t possibly think of.  Don’t believe me? Check it out!

This video has been uploaded in the tube for 4 years now. And as the excerpt from the uploader states, “This video cuts through all language barrier” And frankly, we quite agree. I mean, even a 5 year old kid would understand that any person caught in the public sh*tting with their pants off is just totally hilarious!

Now this portable toilet (porta potty) prank was obviously staged. I mean, if it wasn’t planned at all then this video shouldn’t even be existing. C’mon, what would you do if you’re in the shoes of these poor citizens knowing someone filmed you while you’re sh*tting? Then a hydraulic pump pushes your toilet up so you can be seen by the public?

If I am on that situation, I will rip the video and put it on the mouth of this Japanese iPad guy and make him squeal like a creepy Japanese robotic-mouth. — I’m just saying!

Oh if you think that wasn’t enough. Here’s a woman caught on a video while she’s concentrating in her throne.

Fake or not?

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