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Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes 2010: Best of all Halloween Costumes!

Posted on 08 October 2010 by pinoytutorial

Last year, we made a list for the most embarrassing Halloween costumes of all time. Little did we know that there were far more embarrassing ideas, designers and popular celebs have come up with. The strange thing though is that many people are still wanting to get those costumes even that’s case. So we come up with another list. Make sure to check out our Best Halloween Costumes 2010 hub for more details.

So our topic for today is none other than Lady Gaga. Last time we check, he.. err, she is the most searched Halloween costume ideas for this year. Perhaps, because of that infamous meat dress she wore during the VMA ceremony? Or, maybe people just like her weird sense of fashion style. I guess, that’s the main point why she is popular during Halloween — being WEIRD.

So here are some of the Best Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes for 2010.

Lady Gaga Hair Bow Clip

Lady Gaga Black Dress – Sequined

Lady Gaga Blonde And Yellow Wig

Lady Gaga Head Scarf – Black

Lady Gaga Angel With White Wig

Lady Gaga Lightning Bolt – Gold

Lady Gaga Poker Face Costume

Lady Gaga Telephone Costume – American Flag

Or, perhaps you want this one?

Too bad the Lady Gaga Meat Dress isn’t yet available

(image from

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