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Let Me In 2010 Release Date And Review

Posted on 03 July 2010 by pinoytutorial

let me in 2010_1

With all the excessive craving about vampires ravishing into our realm, somehow you would ask yourself what’s so fascinating about them? I’m not a movie expert nor a savvy reader with blood sucking creatures. but if you have watched this Swedish movie, “Let the right one In”. Then certainly, your views about them would become different. And now, America is going to have a remake of it on a new movie entitled. “Let me in”.

Check out the video.

The story, is about a bullied young boy named Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who falls in love with a pre-adolescent peculiar vampire girl named Abby (Chloe Moretz).

On the original movie, Let the right one in. The two protagonist are named, Oskar and Eli (respectively) And to give you something for comparison; Here’s the official trailer for it.

Actually, I have watched this movie two years ago. Just a couple of weeks before the official launch of Twilight, Just for the sake of it. And what I get from viewing it is somewhat, more than what I hoped for. As you can see, this is not your typical vampire ‘cheesy’ flick movie with those banal gory effects. The story line puts you into the characters. And in my point of view, this made my whole experience of watching Twilight, horrible.

I just hope, the remake of this movie will be that good – Which is going to be directed by Matt Reeves by the way. (same guy who directed, Cloverfield) Its expected release date will be on October 1, 2010.

Sidenote: Somehow, you would ask yourself, if this will be on Rated R as well. To think that on the original movie, you know? Eli.. Did something there.

let me in 2010

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