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Mortal Kombat Rebirth: Release Date | Cast of Characters

Posted on 12 June 2010 by pinoytutorial


Before Jun 7, we all knew Mortal Kombat as one of the ‘god’ arcade games of the versus era during the nineties. And as a bonafide kid of the 90’s – I live with these epic games. And it was really surprising to wake up one day, check out youtube, and there’s a video popping out on the screen with a title –MORTAL KOMBAT. At first I thought it was just a hoax, but after watching the vid. It was pretty legit. Check it out!

If you’re a fan of MK then you’ll probably wonder, what the heck happened to the real storyline of Mortal Kombat? I mean, you know? The one with all the cheezy ‘protect the earthrealm’ plot and the one with children of Raiden kind of stuff?

Anyway, If you’re curious, we found a credible source to prove that the new Mortal Kombat, which is very plausible to have a title, Mortal Kombat Rebirth — will have a revamped story line.

It was said that these changes is happening because of Warner Bros recent acquisition of Mortal Kombat and Spy Hunter Last August. Looking at the timeline and to think that WB is a mogul entertainment company, it would be safe to assume that a rebirth of a Mortal Kombat is very much coming.

By the way, Jeri Ryan, the one who will play the role of Sonya Blade confirms that “It’s not a game trailer” Actually it was made for the director to sell WB on his vision for a reimagined MK film,” On her twitter page it points out. ” I did it as a favor to a friend. No idea yet what WB’s reaction to it was.”

Certainly we’ll see more of these MK goodness once E3 arrives. And it’s very near! Furthermore, the new film may have a M rating. Hell yeah!

Updates: According to imdb — Warner Bros is looking to reboot the franchise, but Threshold Entertainment filed new breach of contract lawsuit to prevent it from moving forward. Funny thing here is, the expected release date will be on 2013? (Aw, no)

Mortal Kombat Rebirth: Cast of Characters

Jax Briggs – Michael Jai White

Sonya Blade – Jeri Ryan

Johnny Cage – Matt Mullins

Lateef Crowder – Alan Zane / Baraka

Hanzo Hasashi / Scorpion – Ian Anthony Dale

Reptile – Richard Dorton

Johnny Cage – Matt Mullins

Others coming soon! We’ll update you once the official cast has been unveiled.

Updates 2: It appears IMDB is showing two write-ups about Mortal Kombat Rebirth. One is released on 2013, and the other one is on 2010.

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31 Comments For This Post

  1. Paul Says:

    Don't expect this any time soon.

  2. yemiyam Says:

    we need this…this is something that adults have been waiting for…the people that played mortal kombat games and watch the cheesy movies in the 90's are adults now …we should see mortal kombat for what it always been, but a alternate version…it is time..Mortal Kombat rebirth is giving the anticipation of what we as "80 babies" are looking for. Warner give it the greenlight..Make a movie that's going to make millions than make chump change..Because splice is not one of them million dollar movies.

  3. @DMooreFUIF Says:

    Now I was born January 1990. I been playing video games since i was able to pick up a controller. The second game i ever played was mortal kombat on the sega genesis. The first was TECMO BOWL!! Pissin off u 80s babies by gettin beat by a 1 year old. haha…. But still. I'm really lookin forward to this movie more than anything. I think it would be a Superb Edition to the Mortal Kombat Franchise.

  4. CA92 Says:

    Really.. I was watching the old Mortal Kombats from the 90's and thinking it would be pretty awesome to remake them with all of the technology of today. I really hope they make this movie.

  5. ryder Says:

    I was born in 91 and remember how awesome the old movies seemed. Just saw the trailer for rebirth and agree. It is well past time for a new and KICK ASS version to released for all of us that played the games and watched the movies so long ago. Warner needs to give the GO for this. Many will be forever upset if not.

  6. sporn Says:

    im 13 and love all the mortal kombat games and movies and i hvae been waiting for a mortal kombat witch will have the best gory fatalitys
    scorpion and sub rules mortal kombat but sub zero looks really wired in this 1
    i hope this movie gonner come out 😛

  7. Trevor Garnez Says:

    u know they're makin a mortal kombat game thats coming out next year right its called mortal kombat 9 check it out on youtube

  8. CAS Says:

    this movie might suck!!!!! the story line is stupid. what about the !!!!! they need to re think THIS STORY LINE!!!!! WHERES KATANA AND RAIDEN? BAD CAST TOO!!! THE FIRST MK MOVIES WERE BAD ASS! WB DONT LET YOUR FANS DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  9. sporn Says:

    at 29.00 that cop looks like stryker

  10. taylor Says:

    I hope frost is in the movie because she is one of the best characters in th mortal kombat series.We`ve been waiting long enough to be her in a mortal kombat movie.

  11. taylor Says:

    They really should have a bigger cast than what they do.

  12. eli619 Says:

    most of the characters look diffrent compared to the previous movies or the video games

  13. MK Says:

    NO! who would like this? the original mortal kombat story is better this dude wants to make mortal kombat more realistic. this means NO alternate realms, the mortal kombat realms are what makes mortal kombat interesting. Without the other realms this film will just be homicidal psychopaths on earth with problems and birth defects. you are all just seeing through excitement of yes we need another mk movie but this plot will NOT work. Good cast bad plot. this reminds me of Bryan Singers X-men he screwed it up thinking his vision was the best turns out he now has millions of people who hate him for it.

  14. c2g1980 Says:

    He's just trying to kill the 1st week in the box office. Most people r gonna check it out regardless. If enough people go see it he makes his millions in profit the 1st week. Some will hate it some will love it like always. I agree w/you because reptile & baraka aren't human but I'll still probably c it anyway.

  15. PHYSC Says:

    I think your pretty wrong to assume people need the alternative realms to make this movie work for them MK as it is blaintantly obviously aimed at a more adult audience so was the original but, it did fail to deliver any sort of solid adult approach for the movie goers when we watched the flop that was the original.The coreography the story line and the graphics appear to be far more superior to the 1st movie and it has a story line for which those that never have or never will play the game can see as mildly more believable, the martial arts sequences are outstanding and just from the clip you can see that Michael j White is a greatly underappreciated actor, he shows that he’s not just a fighter but a pretty darn good serious actor to when he wants to be. This film as i have followed on various sites and forums is an almost dead cert in my opinion the question is only when as far as i can see i would expect filming early next year and release later the same year or possibly as early as the late part of the summer.The director deserves massive praise, what a trailer what a little gem of a teaser and oh my god what a movie it will be. PHYSC

  16. jim Says:

    just WoW !!!

  17. mantis Says:

    the person playing sub-zero is scott adkins. he plays boyka in undisputed 2 and 3.

  18. Luke Says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a minute. Yes, the trailer looks interesting. But that's NOT what Mortal Kombat is about. It's not some Sci-Fi version of Fight Club. It's not present-day, or set in the future. What we 80's kids grew up playing was a game that stretched the imagination. Every character is from a different realm, different planet, different SOMEthing. Mortal Kombat is NOT realistic, nor should it be adapted to be so. This is a classic case of Hollywood TRYING to redeem itself for the trash they made in the 90's, by making a more gritty, adult version. But this trailer does not portray a proper adaptaion from the game. Way to fuck things up again Hollywood, way to go! How about PLAYING THE GOD DAMN GAME AND STUDY THE STORY!

  19. pablo Says:

    yes you are to stupid !

  20. Mk Ermac Says:

    ur so right

  21. Bob Says:

    Oi did you read the guy who made this had a $7,000 budget he didn't want to ruin the mysticism of Mortal Kombat with a cheesy fireballs, the guy plans on doing all that stuff when he has the green light from Warner Bros and the cash do to it good.

  22. adam Says:

    where is lou kane an all of the main charcters that we grew up watching like its not mortal kombat with out them

  23. shinzee Says:

    I personally have not been a big fan of gory movies but this trailer is just so EPIC!!!! Just because of the fact that it revolves around Scorpion and Sub-Zero just makes it a whole lot better. They really should make this a full length film.

  24. Scythe644 Says:

    Their making Mortal Kombat look realistic! I love the makers of this movie <3 8D

  25. beaner109 Says:

    dont make it 3D its gunna f*cking suck

  26. john robert pond Says:

    You knew it was bad when the first MK was rated PG-13…WTF? A movie based on bloody ways to kill a man made for preteens? It was a joke and the sequel was even worse, but this one looks incredible. At first I thought it was an elaborate short film. Cant wait!!!

  27. clos15 Says:

    they made reptile, baraka and scorpion legit…… so how can they make raiden, shang tsung or sub zero legit???

  28. Rick C. Says:

    mortal kombat is about any and everything man, its things that f*cking matrix dont even think that they can get there hands on. i dont see how jhonny cage came back after getting fucked up and killed in the earlyer movies, he is just a human. and scorpion, and sub zero. is the most badass people in the whole thing. but nothing beats scorpion. like you think that you won but he is just getting warmed up. plus every mk movie is good as long as some good people die and scorpion is in it. and there has to be all kindsa a.s.s kicking and some good stuff that people dont see.

  29. Umer Says:

    I'm Mortal Kombat fan since my childhood… I really hope this exceeds my expectations.. =)

  30. tyler Says:

    it needs to come out soon ….looks

  31. Scot Says:

    Here is what I think if the MK RB trailer. BullCRAP everyting they did is wrong .. wait .. WHAT??? Jax being a captain in the police … FIRST F-Up it was Stryker all these Young kids born in the 90's saying they love this. Do your homework noobs the trailer as more then 12 things wrong with the story line. So for all you wanna be noobs Just starting to live MK?? Do your resreach before wanna to LOVE a vid

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