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Motz Music Box FM Radio: Tiniest Boombox? | Best

Posted on 04 February 2010 by pinoytutorial

There may be all those high-end and sophisticated musical gadget around these days, but there is something about tuning in to FM radio stations that makes most people’s day complete. This is perhaps why some hand held phones are equipped with an FM tuner. However, these FM radio features would not be enabled with the absence of appropriate headsets. In this case, would you revert to listening to your favorite FM station using a conventional radio set? Probably yes, if you are at home but certainly you would not carry this bulk of an appliance anywhere you go.

motz boombox

This is one of the practicality answered and provided for us by the Motz MusicBox. This very impressive minute gadget is manufactured by the Korean company Motz. It is so tiny you would be left astounded and mouth agape when you hear its blasting boom as it plays! What’s more? Aside from being a FM radio tuner, it could also serve the purpose as a portable MP3 player speaker.

This wooden music box which you might think on first glance is a tiny match box or a tiny kid toy has a known dimension of 37 by 19 by 26 millimeters. It’s quite unbelievable that inside such a tiny wood of a box is a speaker with a working power of one and a half watts supplied by its rechargeable Li-Po battery.

It is indeed a stunning creation considering its very small size. Located at the rear or back of this boom box is a telescopic antenna and an on/off switch. At the front is the speaker grill along with a LED and a miniature joystick which serves the purpose of a tuner to switch the radio stations.

There is also the presence of a jack in using the tiny form of a gadget to be connected to a personal computer or a standard USB charger via the enclosed adapter. Another adaptor that comes along with the package is the one to be utilized in order for the Motz MusicBox as an external speaker for MP3 players.

However, this tiny star is only available in Korea at a price of $35. See video demo below how this tiny boombox works.


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