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Paranormal Activity 2 Review (sucks): Most Overrated Movie Of All Time?

Posted on 03 October 2010 by pinoytutorial

Last year, I got all my hopes up on watching Paranormal Activity. I thought it was going to be the best horror movie at that time but it turns out it was nothing but pure BS and the only reason why it got the proper attention is because of the media inflating it and have it being reported across the blogosphere.

And to my disbelief, it will have another sequel called ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ which will be this time aired throughout USA on October 22. And their tactics to attract the audience seems to become even lamer.

Somehow you might be thinking I am just bitter about this movie, but come to think of it. Many were quite disappointed as well about the way the whole movie was presented. I remember watching the first part on the eve of October 31 at (1:30am) let’s just say I am a firm believer about that folk-lore pertaining to ghost which appears to be the strongest whenever its 3am on the eve of Halloween. I turned off the lights and play it on my LCD TV. After one hour of watching and seeing the tracker already nearing the end, I was in utter disbelief that this was the real horror movie everyone was raving about. So I still spend a couple of more minutes just to finish its lame ending to watch another horror movie to complete my Halloween eve.

The production staff of Paranormal Acitivity 2 is obviously doing this just for money. Come to think of it, not only this movie is one of the worst horror movie of all time but the most overrated movie as well. Its staff should be very please with its results; Using only those banal effects and crude camera they manage to persuade people that this movie was a perfection. Thanks for the excessive coverage of the media and inundating the web with its advertisement, they earn as much as $108 million at the U.S. box office and $194 million worldwide. Making this movie as one of the most profitable film of all time.

Let’s see if many people will still be fooled on watching Paranormal Activity 2. Remember you have been warned.

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  1. leiah Says:

    Spot on! The only reason why I watched this lame movie is because of my two friends who didn't have the opportunity to watch its first sequel, last year. It turns out they were quite dismayed as well.

    I concur that the producers of this film are just wanting to use social-media to market this over-rated useless, non-sense movie, so they will give the impression towards the people that it's good, well in fact it's horrible!

    Hopefully it won't have a 3rd sequel coz it terribly sucks

  2. tychy Says:

    i think that your review has the distinct tang of "pure BS" to be honest. if you're not frightened by paranormal activity – either 1 or 2 – then you will never be frightened by any ghost story.

  3. LeaUV Says:

    I was really disapointed by the first one. I love a good old ghost story as much as the next fat person but Paranormal Activity was quite, well, boring! It was very slow, it didn’t make a whole lot of sense and it was quite obvious how it was going to end. The only thing that I’ve seen about Paranormal Activity 2 was something about a demonic baby (Pet Cemetary nuff said) and not a lot happened until the end.

  4. Dave Says:

    Wow, I completely agree with this review. It’s such bs. And tubby, you are stupid and know nothing about horror movies. The exorcist is the same premise as these films. Demons. And the exorcist is a lot scarier.

  5. Caesar Says:

    OMG that movie sucked I downloaded it and I want my 10 mins back from the torrent and copying it on my xbox. I almost threw up.POLTERGEIST from the 1970's was better and had better affects and that was 40 years ago almost…..

  6. soul-gryph Says:

    Great Movie until end, worst ending ever!
    Also to prove that they ARE money grubbing from the success of the first movie they included scenes in the preview that wasn't in the movie.

    Any movie that cuts the entire cast of the movie by killing the main characters in less than 2 minutes should not have come out of production.
    Some of us would call that a cop-out.

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