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Paranormal Activity 3: Review Before Release Date — Will it Suck or Not?

Posted on 25 July 2011 by pinoytutorial

It never ceases to amaze me how many people like to put, or treat Paranormal Acitivity into the likes of some of the best horror movies of our genre like The Exorcist, The Shining, The Ring (Japanese version) etc. Although I must say its first sequel got me going for the first thirty minutes of the movie until I realize the film was overrated by the media. The same case for Paranormal Activity 2 which I created a lovely review last year suited to be called as the “most overrated horror movie of all time”.

So what drives Paranormal Activity from entertaining the mass? Well, it starts first by fooling the nose of people claiming “everything actually happened in real life” – pretty much like Da Vinci Code huh? Then, it tries to copy the style of the first Blaire Witch Project which I can say is one of the pioneers of modern day cult-horror films, and its last final trick? Leverage the social media and tag along with popular news blogs to publicize the movie hundred days before its release date which usually hits by the end of October.

So far so good! Paranormal Activity 2 bagged a gross revenue of 176 million out of a 3 million budget; but nothing is really comparable with P.A 1 reaching 193 million revenue for a $15,000 budget only. I’m sure its directors and producers were quite pleased with the results.

But, wait, there’s Paranormal Activity 3 expected to arrive this year! (facepalm inserted).

Just when we thought the franchise is finally over so we can expect some real good horror films this Halloween comes its third sequel – and this time – it appears they’re concentrating with the kids!

Now, its storyline isn’t yet publicized but it appears its Director won’t be Tod Williams anymore, although its story is still based, supposedly, with Oren Peli’s creation.

Check out its trailer video

That, my friends is the official teaser clip for Paranormal Activity 3 that you’ll be seeing on the midnight of October 22. However, I’m noticing something quite unusual with the production of this movie – and it might be a good sign.

Unlike PA1 and PA2 which was publicized in all sort of social-media sites a hundred days before its release, it appears producers for PA3 is taking on a break which is somewhat refreshing to see since this may mean we’ll finally won’t hear its extremely annoying tag phrase – “a movie dictated by the fans” – and that non-significant voting machine in the web which doesn’t pose any relevance if it got only 1 vote or 10 million votes because the movie will still push through whether we like it or not.

As a wrap-up, I do hope for the third time this movie would come out as something interesting than the two previous films. Seriously, with over 350 million gross revenue for the past two years, I’m sure that means “good” for Paranormal Activity’s crew, so why not strive for a better film and not use those usual cheezy “camera surprise” tactic to create a fake horror that’s easily forgotten by its viewers.

Still, our fingers are crossed until we see this movie three months from now.

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  1. Elna Berry Says:

    I watched paranormal activity 1 and the acting was horrendous. I hope paranormal activity 3 is going to be better.

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