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PlayStation Controller used as Bomb Detonator by Terrorists? | Worst

Posted on 04 March 2010 by pinoytutorial

If you are sitting on a chair feeling safe and secure, a lot of the people in Afghanistan feels the opposite. It’s devastating to know and even think that as we feel all safe and sound in our homes or even while travelling, a lot of people in Afghanistan feel that their life is not guaranteed, that every time they sleep they wish they can still wake up. It’s really frustrating how these people don’t care of other people’s lives, and it’s insane that they are willing to die for nothing at all! They may have a motive to bomb and kill people no matter who they are, but the motive is plain ignorance of what they call liberty.

playstation detonator

You would be amaze to know how these crazy bomb people get to set-up a bomb out of rubbish! Yes you read it right; these people create their earth shaking bombs out of the garbage we throw. Can you believe that this is how far these jerks will go for to kill other people and even their own people from Afghanistan?

As the US troops hunts for hide outs of these terrorist an Afghan informant squealed where one of the said place where these bomb makers build their masterpiece that will bring chaos to other people’s lives and the US troops together with Fox News very own Steve Harrigan hiked their way to the enemies secret place and they were victorious in finding and collecting the materials used for making numerous bombs.

In fact one of the things the US military found is an ancient PlayStation controller, now this controller was not there by accident it was actually there for a purpose of being converted as a bomb detonator! One of the US ranger said that the controller just need a little re-wiring and it’s good to go as a remote for igniting a bomb. Only materials where found in the hide-out of the terrorist which the US military brought with them in their base, this in fact a accomplishment that the US team is celebrating, just the fact they got all the pieces for making a bomb makes them feel a little bit safer and as one of the US ranger said, “Every time we can take this out of the enemy’s hands, it allows one of our Brothers to live

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