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School Girl Fired From Work Using Facebook?

Posted on 27 March 2010 by pinoytutorial

Social Networking today is becoming a standard among people to share pictures, personal videos, MP3 songs and messages. It’s a great medium considering you can save some money by not using your mobile phone to send text messages and/or multimedia messages or even emails. Instead, you only need a computer with web connection.

As a result various social networking sites sprout like mushrooms or wild grasses if you will. Among the popular ones are Facebook, myspace and twitter wherein each of these sites acquire millions of members across the globe. Each member will have his/her own site wherein he/she can place her profile pictures and other stuff to show with other people.

chelsea Taylor fired

Using these methods to communicate with other people became so “natural” that we’re quite shocked to find out that it is now use to fire employees! It’s not a laughing matter my friend, indeed, one true case can verify this claim. A 16 year-old school girl named Chelsea Taylor living in Manchester, England received a letter of dismissal via her facebook account. See rewritten letter below.

Facebook dismissal letter

Chelsea had been serving regularly at the Cookies café in Leigh, Greater Manchester every Saturday. She was probably expecting a message from a mutual friend when she opened the facebook message. However, she was surprised to find out that it was a “break up” message from her good ole coffee shop manageress Elaine Sutton saying that she’s being fired because of losing a 10 pound note.

We’re not sure if Miss Sutton was a mutual friend of Chelsea (perhaps a friend of a friend?) to know that the teenager have a facebook account. But what is certain is that Ms. Sutton is a great fan of the social networking site and clever enough to take its features to the next level!

Apparently the force resignation letter written by the manager contains text-style composition with various misspellings. No education background data was divulged about Ms. Sutton but Chelsea’s mom was furious on the way her daughter was dismissed from the coffee shop. According to Nicola, Chelsea’s mother, the actions of Ms. Sutton was unethical and dreadful. She believes that it was an utter disrespect not to tell the employee face to face how and why he/she is getting dismissed from work. Ms. Sutton isn’t a model employee either according to Nicola for composing such an embarrassing letter.

Chelsea on the other hand didn’t respond publicly to these matters. In our opinion we cannot say that Ms. Sutton’s deed was malicious and wrong. Perhaps, our society isn’t use to having such “formal” conversations over the internet or other forms of social media. It could be a taboo to use such methods… for now. However for some, it could be a more convenient and sound way to relay messages among employees . With regards to the misspellings, we strongly believe that Ms. Sutton should have prepared a more formal letter to the teenager. All employees, young or old should be treated fairly at all times.

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Neuromancer Says:

    classy the boss's spelling and garammar is as poor as her knowledge of employment practices 🙂 Chelsea needs to talk to the CAB or USDAW

  2. RedHot2010 Says:

    Wow the is down right low and immature for this women boss to fired her on her facebook. She is only 16 and she will regretfully remember this situation and could keep her confidence at a low.
    Misspelled words and a chicken way out of firing her or giving her a chance to sit down with her and discuss the situation.
    This women did her a favor. She doesn't need to work in a kind of place like this anyway. So if she cannot spell maybe she cannot count money very well either.
    There is people that try to quick change the people that are busy. She got a bad wrap and it sucks.
    She needs to take this to the owner or city and make a written complaint.
    I hope she finds another job and can move on from this.

    Like I have told people before. Never add your boss or co workers to your FB. Keep it family and friends only, people in your network. Keep the search option to just your name only. Then they can only see your picture and your name.

  3. The Padrino Says:

    That's a odd way to be fired

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