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Smallest Violin In The World: The Nano Violin

Posted on 08 October 2010 by pinoytutorial

Science and technology had given us a lot to prove itself. One of these proofs is the invention of MEMS or microelectromechanical systems. It may sound Geeky and unfamiliar to normal people like you, but you might actually have such thing in your own mobile phone. Just taking from the word “micro” itself, it means small—really small. And now, a news of yet another MEMS should be of interest to you, Science fan—the Nano Violin, also called the Micronium.

The Micronium is the smallest violin in the world (right now, at least). With measurements of only some micrometers, nothing could beat it for being the smallest violin indeed. It has strings sized just one-tenth of a human hair’s width, and should be strummed using an equally micro sized comb.

Six microscopic springs are fitted on a microchip with one resonator each for every musical tone. Numerous chips are strung collectively to create a complete series of musical notes. A sequence of the chips can be united into a MIDI interface to play whole songs.

Scientists and students from the University of Twente in Netherlands demonstrated how the micro violin is used, and how its music could possibly heard by audiences. The collection of chips was connected to a computer and was put under a microscope. The microscope was used to magnify how the violin’s strings are being plucked. The image was then projected so the audiences would see.

Using the Micronium, an original composition was played, frankly entitled “Impromptu No. 1 for Micronium.” Then several more familiar songs were played, including none other than the famous Super Mario Brothers’ theme.

However, just like the fact that it has to be magnified under a microscope for audiences to be able to see the actual micro-violin, the sound it produces must be amplified just as well—10,000 times for that matter before people could here the music it produces through the standard speakers that we use.

It is still a wonder if this should be out in the market any soon—it is more of a wonder if any orchestra musician would actually want one for himself. But what matters is that this Nano violin is for real, and there seems to be nothing impossible nowadays.

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