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Stanley Eckard Strangled and Buried His Own Brother in his Backyard!

Posted on 28 June 2010 by pinoytutorial

It was barely a day after Father’s day when a dad discovered something that shocked him and his family. June 21, Monday at exactly 1:15 pm, the Hernando County Sheriff Richard Nugent said that deputies were called to respond a Spring Hill home near Peoria Street where a dead body was found.

Sean Eckard was already missing since Friday, June 18. And his body was found in their own backyard by his father and what was more gruesome was that the suspect was his own brother. It was Monday when his sister Jennifer arrived at their parents’ house where her two brothers, Stanley and Sean lived. She was told that her youngest brother was gone missing since Friday evening.

She urged her father to investigate what was under the pile of dirt at the backyard since her mother saw Stanley burying something at the side of their house at around 3am, the day they noticed that Sean was missing. When Stanley was asked what he was burying, he said that those were items from his old girlfriend. Their father started to dig up where Stanley was seen burying something. He then uncovered the arms and legs of his son and collapsed. The family then called 911 immediately.

Stanley Eckard was then arrested by the authorities. Stanley admitted to the investigators that he strangled his brother during a fight and both of them fell on the floor. He checked his brother’s pulse and found out that he was already dead. He then decided to bury him outside. He told the investigators that he is planning to move the body in a few weeks when his parents were out of town.

At 10:30pm Monday, he was charged with the murder of his brother and was placed in the Hernando County Jail. Detectives are recommending a second degree murder charge for the 21 year old suspect. But Judge Kurt Hitzemann said that there was a probable cause for Eckard to be held on a more serious charge of first degree murder. Authorities said that the death of Sean Eckard was the eighth homicide this year in Hernando County

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