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Al-Qaeda Terrorists Will use Exploding Dogs To Bomb Planes?

Posted on 10 November 2010 by pinoytutorial

Now you know how sick terrorists can be.

Al-Qaeda terrorists planned to bring down a US cargo plane last 2008 using dogs that had bombs planted in their stomachs. The dogs, called Kamikaze canines, were supposed to board the plane from the Baghdad International Airport to Los Angeles, but never made it because they died in their cages before loading.

Cargo handlers saw the two dogs already dead in their cages and brought it to the autopsy. They found out there were bombs and explosives in the dogs’ stomachs and was due to explode hours after it departed from Baghdad, in mid-air.

According to the investigation, it looked like the terrorists took the two stray dogs from the streets of Baghdad, then were cruelly cut open to put the bombs and detonators inside their stomachs. But it turned out that the dogs could not handle the substances from the bombs as well as being cut open, and died before they could even be loaded in the plane.

According to the paper, French Daily Le Figaro, they got this information from a US military man, right after one of the two bombs from Yemen was discovered inside a printer ink cartridge in Britain’s East Midlands airport last week. The device was said to be diffused 17 minutes before it was about to explode.

The dog bombs incident was investigated by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Due to what happened, airlines and cargo companies were alerted about exploding dogs as terrorists would do everything to spread terrorism.

“This happened two years ago, but was kept secret from the public”, according to the paper.

According also to the French terrorism expert, Christopher Naudin, there is also the possibility that terrorists will be using children that have explosives in their body in order to destroy aircrafts. “Airlines and airports should be alerted” about this kind of situation and should tighten security when it comes to checking of pets and people. And because of this dog bombs incident, US officials were forced pick out the 1 million stray dogs in Baghdad.

This kind of action just shows how determined Al-Qaeda is to terrorize people and show them how powerful they are. It’s actually sick that the terrorists would use dogs, a man’s best friend, for destruction and death. These animals are more innocent than us humans, and they don’t deserve to be treated so cruelly. This is indeed cruelty to animals and the people doing this should be condemned. I am a dog lover, and just hearing about this makes me want to cry because those poor dogs have to die in order to save us, and had to suffer just because some sick terrorists wants to kill innocent people. How sick can you get.

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