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Russian Space Hotel on 2016?

Posted on 02 October 2010 by pinoytutorial

We’ve sure heard a lot about space tours for private individuals (make that private, rich individuals, since those tours should have space-high prices). And now, here comes another thrilling news—a plan of none other than a space hotel!

Representatives from Russian company Orbital Technologies told RIA Novosti news agency that they are planning to launch a space hotel by 2016. It would follow the same orbit as the International Space Station, but it would not follow how the ISS looks and feel inside—as the technological company’s CEO Sergei Kostenko puts it, a hotel is supposed to be comfortable, so interested parties may quit imagining of a cramped room with those button boards seen in movies.

The hotel’s main target market are wealthy individuals who want to experience lodging in space (we told you it’s for the rich) and representatives from private companies who wish to do some space research. The guests shall be able to have a look at the Earth while peeping through large potholes. Add to that the plan of hiring celebrity chefs to cook the guests’ foods before they leave for space.

Energia, Russian spacecraft manufacturer,  is responsible for building the Soyuz space capsules and Progress cargo ships that transports crew and supplies to the ISS. Moreover, it will also be responsible for the construction of the space hotel – though there is still no report on how they would actually do it. But as initially planned, the first space hotel module will be having four cabins that could house up to seven passengers. Russian and American investors are willing to put in some of their wealth for the project, but that is still tentative.

The hotel is not just intended for commercial purposes though. As Alexey Krasnov, head of manned space missions at Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) quipped, the planned cosmic hotel could be an emergency shelter for the ISS crew should anything wrong happens that would oblige them to evacuate.

There is still no released proposed price for the stay in the cosmic hotel, so let us just keep the excitement hanging. Anyway, we still have six more years before it comes to reality, so the lodging price should not yet be so much of a priority, isn’t it?

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