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Watermelon hits a girl in Amazing Race Season 17 (Fake?)

Posted on 10 September 2010 by pinoytutorial

I like to watch amazing race, but not the whole season– I’m just cherry-picking, and if a certain episode is something that’s unusual, then that’s it! I mean, if you will watch it since season 1 until season 17, then certainly it will be like a drug that you want to get out of your system immediately. Because it will be too boring!

Yesterday, this so-called ‘teaser’ for the upcoming Amazing Race hits the tube. And oh boy! Those lame ‘ole tricks, surely did make the people laugh. And that includes me, but not entirely.

watermelon girl amazing race

Check it out:

Woh, did you see that water-melon in slow motion? Now, I didn’t laugh at the time. The only time I did, is when the contestant say, “What do we do now?”, and the blonde anchor’s reply was “You have to finish it”. Provided that this footage was real, then certainly, its like a WTF scenario.

Was this scene fake? Because a watermelon at that size hitting you is already painful. But to shatter it in your face like that? – I would be happy if you will only suffer a mild concussion over that one.

The strange thing here is, the people there are so unaffected. And the contestant too is saying ‘she can’t feel her face’ like she doesn’t mean it.

Anyway, nice one CBS for pulling this one off, but some of your viewers says ‘otherwise’.

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