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Walmart Shopper Rampage: Man Smashed Down 29 Televisions | Worst

Posted on 16 February 2010 by pinoytutorial

At 12:10 pm February 10,2010 a twenty three year old man named Westley Strellis entered Walmart on Lawrenceville highway in Lilburn .The man goes to the sporting goods section of the store and picked up an Easton baseball bat. A few minutes later he went to the electronics section and gone berserk and smashed a total of twenty nine flat screen televisions. According to the police report, the damage caused by the mad man’s rampage costs a grand total of $28,877.

westley strellis

The arresting officer said that he found the mad man sitting on the ground of the electronics section. When the officer approached him he quietly raised his arms in front, offering his wrists to be handcuffed. The suspect cited his right to not answer any questions in accordance to the Fifth Amendment right to stay silent so his motive is still unknown. As the suspect kept silent since he was handcuffed, authorities also do not know if he has an attorney. He was charged with twenty nine counts of criminal damage to property in the second degree and taken to Gwinett County Jail.

tv smashing

Mr. Strellis is said to be carrying a bottle of Effexor XR (with a generic name of venlafaxine hydrochloride)in his pocket. The drug is for persons experiencing depression and anxiety disorders. It is known that antidepressant drugs may enhance suicidal thoughts or actions in several children, teenagers and young adults. Patients as well as their respective families must be aware that adults and children taking drugs to treat depression needs to be watched closely for signs if their condition is worsening or if the patients are nearing the suicidal stage.

Close attention must be provided especially to sudden changes in the moods, thoughts or feelings of patients. Patients need to be observed if they are becoming frantic, ill-tempered, unreceptive, violent, hasty, fidgety, or worried. Upon observation of these symptoms, they should be reported right away to the patient’s doctor. Like in the case of Strellis, his usage of Effexor XR found in his pockets may have contributed to his running amok inside Walmart. See video below for more vivid details of this childish act.

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