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Xbox 360 Controller Used for Remote Control Car?

Posted on 10 June 2010 by pinoytutorial

Toys are for boys they say. This is not true anymore. Gone are the days that these toys are for young kids. Toys nowadays have reached higher levels. They are now called gadgets which even grown-ups can play with. Take for instance the Xbox. An Xbox is a new generation video game console made by Microsoft and has competed with products like Sony’s PlayStation, Sega’s Dreamcast, and the Nintendo GameCube.

The latest product of Xbox is its Xbox 360. Using this gadget allows one to compete in the internet, download games, find game demos, get trailers, TV shows, music and movies and use its multimedia functions. But what if I tell you that the Xbox is more than that? Its controllers are more multi-purpose than what you thought it can be. With a few tweaks here and there, it becomes you’re ultimate gaming companion. But first, what is an Xbox controller? An Xbox 360 controller consists of two analog sticks, a pressure sensitive directional pad, two analog triggers, a Back button, a Start button, two accessory slots and six 8-bit analog action buttons. It takes control of the game you play but what if it also controls other things?

This is what actually happened when Dan Howery, a video game programmer in Chicago, upgraded his Xbox controller to manipulate his standard remote control car. He added an Arduino controller and a Bluetooth modem to the car. Not satisfied with the output, Dan also connected a wireless tilting video camera so that he can maneuver it right from his laptop which is found in another room. Dan called it the Creeper Bot.

So how did it worked? Like any Xbox 360 racer, the triggers made the car move to and fro, the left analog stick controlled the front wheels, and the right stick has camera control capabilities. Though the wireless camera is moving and swaying here and there and the Bluetooth has a limited range, it still proves to be worth a try. For now, it may just prove to be a nuisance to some dog but think of the possibility of putting those race cars on a race track and you would definitely say the race is on!

I think this is a genuinely good idea coming from a newbie. I mean the idea doesn’t come from any manufacturing company that aims to startle up the competition. It is a genuine move from a common person who loves gadgets and wants to jazz it up for his pleasures. I think that Microsoft and its competitors should start with the same spirit in making their products. They should think of it as a way of making more people happier and not only with goals of raising their revenues. On the other hand, I think Dan really is a whiz, awesome imagination man!

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  1. Elliott Says:

    Hello there!

    I'm looking to do something similar to this with a remote controlled 4×4 car – as part of a competition! This is within rules if you are wondering, but I was wondering whether there was any programming involved? Or was the original bindings satisfactory? Or if there was any help/tutorial of some sort written or otherwise you could give me to help!

    Thanks man! Ingenious idea!

  2. Elliott Says:

    Of course there's programming – silly question. I meant to ask if there was anything you could do to help a few teenagers out with an ambitious idea!

  3. Bohri Says:


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