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Youtube Most Viewed Video Of All Time is Bad Romance | Worst?

Posted on 15 April 2010 by pinoytutorial

Ladies and gentlemen, we have d’ new king of youtube videos today, err, I mean queen! Just recently, Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance had ousted the cute phenomenal viral-vid ‘Charlie Bit My Finger – again’ by almost 700k views.

bad romance most viewed youtube vid

most viewed

If you haven’t viewed YouTube that much using your PC, you’ll surely be surprised with this report, because in mobile, the Charlie bit my finger video still got the numbah-wan spot. (Reason: Video format for Bad Romance is not allowed in youtube mobile)

youutube mobile

Now, we will raise our ground to a neutral standpoint here – I know some of you may have a violent reactions with the new queen of youtube vids – But one should realize, that both the vids (Bad Romance and Charlie Bit My Finger) are from a different genre, thus attracting different set of netizen group. It just so happen that the Bad Romance, as you can see, had attracted more viewers in its kind of niche than the former, but it doesn’t mean the whole netizen is going GAGA over big-eyed, sick-medic looking white ladies. Okay?

bad romance

So let’s see it now.

Food for thought: 180 million views on a single video is not really the highest record ever made on youtube. Actually, it was 79.4 Billion views! – Due to a glitch / hack on youtube’s database.


So do you have any comments about this report? Let us know with your comments.

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  1. Evil Kitty Says:

    I like the idea of Lady Gaga, her most memorable comment is that she thinks that singers shouldn't be necessarily beautiful, but be interesting to look at. and that she prefers being interesting to look at.

    I like shiny things.

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