“Baldy” bear in the zoo

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Daily Mail reported that a zoo in Leipzig, Germany houses a South American bear named Dolores. She lives and eats just like any ordinary bear in the zoo but veterinarians were surprised by her “severe” skin disease. The previous fluffy, dark coat fur of Dolores has withered leaving only a few tufts around her head.

bald bear
bald bear 2

The “baldy” bear roams around the zoo looking like an old and withered pup. Experts have confirmed that all “female” bears were affected by what they thought was a “genetic” skin disease. It leaves skin rashes and inflammations on these poor animals.

I guess this is possibly similar with skin diseases suffered by dogs. An article published at Petwellbeing said that these skin diseases may cause irritation and discomfort for a dog to skin infection. Some symptoms could range from itchiness and red skin, crusted and dry skin to hair loss and odor. See these pictures and compare with that of Dolores’.

bald dog bald dog 2

The symptoms that a dog will display when suffering from skin disease will depend upon the specific type of skin disease that is affecting the animal. For example, infectious skin disease caused by bacteria is commonly characterized by itchiness and red skin. In the early stages of this type of disease, yellow pustules may be present. As the disease progresses, the skin will become dry and crusted while hair loss may occur and an odor may be present. These symptoms and warning signs can occur on any part of the dog’s body, but mostly tend to appear on the dog’s trunk and chin.

They added that the skin disease is possibly caused by bacteria, fungi or parasites. Natural treatments can be applied to relieve the dog from discomfort.

Dolores and other “baldy” bears in Leizpig zoo probably suffered similar type of disease like those canines. German vets are taking swift measures to remedy this problem since people would not want to see “hairless” bears roaming around. Well, who wants that?

normal bear


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