16 Wishes Disney Channel Film

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A new movie that was surely waited and watched by many teens out there, the 16 Wishes. The television film was premiered last June 25, 2010 on Disney Channel and at Family this coming July 16, 2010. 16 Wishes is the second Disney Channel film that was released this year and is tagged as a Disney Channel Original Movie.

16 wishes starred Debby Ryan as Abbidail Louise Jensen, a girl who had been all crazy about her turning 16. Also included in the cast are Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Jay Kepler, Cainan Wiebe as Mike Jensen, Karissa Tynes as Krista Cook and Anna Mae Routledge as Celeste Jenson.

Abby who was played by Ryan had been planning her sweet 16th birthday since she was a little girl that she made up a list of 16 wishes. On her big day, strange things started to happen like a visit from an unknown woman who gave her a mysterious box containing 16 candles. It was then that Abby realized that the candles stand for her 16 wishes.

She got all exciting that all her whishes do come true like having the attention of her crush, and becoming fashionable athletic and popular. But things started to gone wrong and out of place. That was the time when the race started, she needs to make everything back to normal before midnight or else she will be like that forever.


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