2 Year-old Kid Smoking Cigarettes?

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“Smoking is dangerous to your health”. Hey, what happened to this slogan? After all, the slogan is used by cigarette and tobacco companies only as a warning when they actually are selling more of their products in reality. Such an irony! Here comes another irony, a 2-year old named Ardi Rizal and an Indonesian in Sumatra is getting the limelight for smoking 40 cigarettes a day.

His father gave him his first cigarette at 18 months old. Now, his mother says his totally addicted to it and when he doesn’t get what he wants, usually a cigarette, he screams and has his tantrums. So the mother is left without any choice but to give him one.

On the other hand, his father does not see his child’s smoking as a problem. He says his child looks pretty healthy. Did he just speak in denial or is just utterly numb? And who was posting his videos on the web anyway, his father?

While watching the video, at first you will be amazed but after a lot of common sense weighs in, this poses a smoking problem issue in Indonesia. Officials say there are giving the family a car if only little Ardi quits smoking. But this may just be a punch in the moon, because the kid is not going anywhere near that.

Here’s another related picture we found.

Updated: Video included. Look at that daddy proud.

… What’s going on?


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