2010 Chile Earthquake: Up to Date Damages

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An 8.8 magnitude earthquake has devastated the entire central Chile last Saturday. The full extent of the damage was yet unknown as series of aftershocks has occurred across the disaster prone Andean nation causing neighboring countries Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, and Costa Rica to be on its guard as well.

It has also resulted to tsunami waves racing across Hawaii although the damage was quite minimal as precautionary measures were taken immediately. A wide-array of Pacific nations including Australia, Philippines and Japan are also bracing for potentially devastating tidal waves and were on red alert.

President Michelle Bachelet declared a “state of calamity” in Central Chile but has not sought yet the aid of other countries. She has also stated in her national address that 214 people were already killed and 15 were missing. Although as of this time, that is the official estimate; Carmen Fernandez the head of the National Emergency Agency thinks that the real figure is really roughly around 300 and that it will continue to grow.

As to date, the recorded damages are as follows:

  • An estimate of 1.5 million people had been affected and 500, 000 homes severely damaged
  • the collapse of a 15-story building in Concepcion, one of the countries largest city
  • the escape of 209 inmates from prison after a fire broke out
  • the Fine Arts Museum in the capital of Santiago was badly damaged
  • the collapse of a bell tower on the Nuestra Señora de la Providencia church
  • the suspension of operation of Santiago’s airport, subway and all means of transportation
  • Valparaiso, Chile’s main seaport was ordered closed while damages were still assessed
  • damages to tow oil refineries run by state oil company ENAP (Aconcagua and Bio refineries)
  • Suspension of operation of the state-run Codelco, the world’s largest copper producer due to possible accidents that may occur because of the quake
  • A tsunami that crashed the village of San Juan Bautista on Robinson Crusoe Island that killed 5 people and 11 missing

The Chilean government is still under a vigorous campaign on checking the damages caused by the massive quake and going around giving assistance to all the victims.

Saturday’s Chile earthquake would tie for 7th on the list of greatest earthquakes ever recorded; it matches that of Ecuador’s 1906 temblor. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, it was hundred of times stronger compared to the Haiti’s January 12 magnitude-7 quake, though it was deeper and cost fewer lives.


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