2012: A doomsday movie for 2009

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2012 poster roland emmerich

All of us have witnessed different genres of films tackling about the Apocalypse or end of the world. This year, Director Roland Emmerich dares to end 2009 with another cataclysm movie based on historical facts.

Another Apocalypse movie?

Director Emmerich was responsible for bringing some of our time’s box office hits like Universal soldier, Stargate, The Patriot and 10,000 B.C. Aside from these, He is also known  for writing, producing and directing apocalyptic fictional movies like Independence Day, The day after tomorrow and the recent 2012.

2012 is based on valid historical facts about the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar which will end on December 21 or 23 of 2012. The calendar was developed by the Mayans thousands of years ago and was believed to end after 5127 years.

According to wikipedia, the end of this calendar marks a catastrophic changes in our world. This popular internet meme claims to threaten human existence because of extreme climatic and geographical changes.

Have a glimpse of the movie on this 2012 Official trailer (HD)

Fact or Fiction


The popular saying “Everything is on God’s Hands” applies to this film. We will never know what the future holds for each and everyone. Take the Y2K/millenium bug. In the Philippines, many end-of-the-world fanatics made caves and crude shelters believing that the world will go back to “stone age” when the year 2000 begins. It’s year 2009 and none of those catastrophies happened.

Some fanatics interconnect historical occurrences to popular apocalyptic writings and even the bible. Those could not be entirely fallacies but to hold-on to it with your life is a blinding myst. Everyone is entitled to his opinions but the truth is: No one really knows for sure what will happen tomorrow except God.

Final Say

The film reminds me of “The Day after Tomorrow”, one of Emmerich’s work. The visual effects looks awesome, (which is what the writer-director is known for). The plot seems a little exaggerated, but of course this is what makes movie-goers tick and enjoy the experience.

We have to wait until the official release of this movie on November 13, 2009 (available in the Philippines) to gauge public pulse.

Stay tune for more updates. For sure, this is certainly not the “end” of this movie.


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  1. Great posts – I love watching movies online. I can’t wait to watch 2012 online. Cheers!

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