50 Cent’s Weight-loss Story

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His name is 50 cent, and he is rumored to have lost 54 pounds or 24 kilograms. A lot of weight loss for the hip-hop rapper and star “When Things Fall Apart” now he should star instead in a movie called, “When Weight Falls Apart”.

The Grammy-rapper-winner expects an Oscar-winning performance following his transformation for the movie, which required him to shed some weight and lose his former original frame. In the movie, he plays a role of a football star who is diagnosed with cancer. His look is definitely achieved to show some resemblance and make the movie believable.

The rapper-turned-actor is on a nine week diet and was reportedly pacing on a treadmill for three hours every day. 50 cent, originally weighed a 214 pound with a physique that sports an athletic and muscular frame. Now, he weighs a whooping 160 pounds. 50 cent is responsible for writing the script while Mario Van Peebles is slated to direct the film.

Looks like it’s not a rumor after all, 50 has been posting pictures of the “new him” in various websites while his fans are being shocked. This is basically alarming considering that a sudden weight loss, may be harmful to one’s physique.



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