Alba – The home of Spanish cuisine patrons

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image source: Alba Restaurant


Alba serves Spanish inspired cuisines, like Tapas Calientes (Hot Appetizers) like sausages, beef, chicken and sauteed mushrooms. They also have Ensaladas, Pasta, Paellas, Tapas Frias (Cold appetizers) like cured ham, pork loin and smoked cheese. Alba also offers wide variety of desserts, beverages and wine collections.

Alba-paella Alba-lengua

Alba-embutidos alba-callos

Alba-maja Alba-watermelon

Food Experience

We went to Alba at Tomas Morato Q.C. on a Saturday night during the Earth hour. The place was not too large, it was neat and Spanish inspired. As we were eating, all lights were turn-off for a full hour and all we had were candle lights, it was pretty different but nice experience (talking about an unplanned candle-lit dinner).

We reserved for our seats beforehand since we heard that on weekends Alba Restaurante is very in-demand and it would be hard to get a table for a family. Even with a reservation, still, we waited for 15 mins. because the table was still occupied. Once the table was cleared, it was our turn to “devour”.

We reserved for a buffet meal which cost around Php 600, this means we can get all the food that we want except for the beverages/wines (which needs to be paid separately). Paella was surely on top of our list followed  by suckling pigs, beef lengua, caldereta and Inihaw. We were waiting for the roast beef but the waitress informed us that it wasn’t on their menu for the day (this is the reason why you should clarify the menu for the day or else you might miss the dream food you are longing for). Their pasta and fried rice taste good as well as the cured ham for appetizers. For desserts we tried Alba’s Maja blanca, cake brownies and wide variety of fruits.

In addition to the “candle-lit surprise” Alba restaurante also provides a serenade of live Spanish music performed by Filipinos. It was pretty cool to hear our locals sing Spanish songs VERY WELL. The first songs are for free, then the performers will ask you for a “request” which I think will cost you. Well, one was enough to soothe our ears.

Overall, it was a nice dining experience, notches away from the typical drive-thru and on-the-go restaurant we have everyday. It cost us a little bit but the good memories, the entire ambiance, unique food genre and experiences were priceless.


  1. Be sure to make your reservation ahead of time.
  2. It is better to have a buffet meal, individual orders cost more.
  3. Ask what menu they will be serving on that day and time (food may vary).
  4. Remember to come-in with a “very” empty stomach.

Reservations and other Information

Address: Tomas Morato, Cor. Lozano, Quezon City

Telephone : +632 925 1912 | Fax : +632 411 7052

Buffet Meal : costs around Php 600/ person


Alba Restaurant branch along Tomas Morato is currently under renovation. We have no idea when will it open again. If you know any information about its schedule of reopening or possible change of location, you could always leave comments on this post. We will greatly appreciate it.

Please visit the Alba Restaurant website to see other branches and details.

Have you been to Alba Restaurante before? What was your favorite dish?  Tell us YOUR experiences.


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  1. john guevarra says:

    good day, ayan ba ung resto near sct. lozano? I have been there and yup masarap nga ung food na serve nila, especially their suckling pigs.

    sana mapunta uli ako jan

    • pinoytutorial says:

      yup. but when we arrive there ung suckling pigs nila ubos na. so they offered us some beef tapa, but it was delicious also.

      sana hindi na sila magtaas ng price

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