Former US Secretary Alexander Haig dies at 85

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Former U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig permanently retired in the US Public Service as he demised at the age of 85. The retired four-star Army general who served in Korea and Vietnam, who once run on the US Presidential seat under the Republican Party in 1988, laid his final rest because of some complications from an inspection, Saturday, at a hospital in the Eastern City of Baltimore, according to some family members.

Many will recall that President Barack Obama himself called Haig a great American who served his country with distinction, but now he’s finally gone with honor. Haig served three US Presidents prior to President Obama, they were Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. But many believe that Haig is probably best-known for a remark made while serving as secretary of state under President Reagan in 1981.

After his military career that included service in the Korean War and Vietnam, Haig embraced the public service at Nixon White House in 1970 as an adviser on the National Security Council.  Eventually, he became Mr. Nixon’s White House chief of staff.  The present US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton already disclosed a statement saying she was deeply saddened to hear of Haig’s death.


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