Amazon’s Q4 Sales Up, Thanks to Kindle

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Amazon, the leading online retail company in the world is blessed to have its sales up in the last quarter of 2009. The Internet selling giant recently announced its earnings. Within the fourth quarter, sales went up to $9.5 billion. That is a 42% increase. Also, the net income was up to $384 million: a 71% increase. The net is equivalent to $0.85 per share, which is well higher than the 72-cent analyst consensus. 113% was the increase in free cash flow, amounting to $2.9 billion. Therefore, the entire 2009 has been fruitful for Amazon with $24.5 billion worth of sales and $902 million worth of net income.

amazon kindle

A key to Amazon’s boost in figures is the success of Kindle, its own eBook reader device. The said device is in head-to-head competition with the Apple iPad, both having comparable features and equally sleek designs. Jeffrey Bezos, Amazon CEO, boasted of Kindle being owned by “millions of people”. According to him, whenever a book was released in Kindle edition, Amazon was able to sell 6 Kindle copies for every 10 physical copies. He added that the year-to-date volume included just paid books — the number would even be higher if the free Kindle books were added to the count.

Though Amazon does not confirm the exact number of the “millions” of Kindle owners, the online retail leader states that about 410,000 Kindle books are now available (free and on sale combined), making the catalog’s depth and span Kindle’s greatest advantage. Amazon emphasized as well that Kindle’s digital books are compatible to be synched between other Kindle products and with PCs, iPod Touch, iPhone, and soon, Mac, Blackberry iPad.


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