Amazon UK Black Friday 2010 – A Disaster

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We all know that Black Friday deals are very limited, especially online deals, and they disappear as soon as supplies run out.  But the British shoppers of Amazon UK were angry and disappointed at the bargains that the online store had promised to them for their Christmas web sale. It turned out that these long-awaited bargains disappeared in just a fraction of a second!

In Amazon’s sale, they declared 70% off on their best selling products such as Nintendo Wii, Xbox games and consoles, and televisions. They are also selling mountain bikes at half a price, chart topping albums such as Take That and Susan Boyle at £1, and 70% off on fragrances and cameras. These were promoted heavily by Amazon UK and shoppers have been dying to get hold of discounted deals.

But, to the disappointment and fury of the shoppers, the sale backfired and as the bargains disappears at the click of the mouse. The customers wanted the sale to be investigated as they suspect the items were not genuine, and were skeptical about the number of items on sale.

The customers let out their frustrations in Amazon UK’s forum as each customer was furious ay disappearing bargains.

One customer complained saying, “Total load of rubbish. Couldn’t have clicked on the CD any quicker at 9am and gone instantly, definitely less than ten of each, wouldn’t bother even trying!”

The Advertising Standard Authority said last night that they will be investigating the complaints and see into the incident. But they might also have an explanation as to why this “disappearing bargains” happened. They said that they have a code that required retailers to see that there were a reasonable number of products available at the low price

Marketers must make a reasonable estimate of demand for advertised products.

As for Amazon, they warned customers that their sale might not last that long as their offers will be in a form of “lightning deals” where a discounted product will only be up for a short period of time. Better luck next time guys.


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