American Idol Wednesday Vote Results: Teflon Tim Out!

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American Idol is really a hit reality television show showcasing the talents especially in singing of Americans. This week is the American Idol Gives back charity special which will enable us to see the different singing idols in this generation performing on stage on behalf of charity institutions.

Last Wednesday’s episode was graced by Alicia Keys’ breathtaking performance. Mr. Elton John also performed on behalf of Elton John AIDS foundation. Other stars like Carrie Underwood, Black Eyed Peas, Amie Lennox, Mary J. Blige and All-Star band had showcased their talents in the most talked about reality talent show.

But the most waited part of yesterday’s show is the performance of the remaining 7 contestants. The show’s theme was about inspirational songs.

Casey James performed the “Don’t Stop” be Fleetwood Mac, which turned out not that inspiring for the judges. Lee Dewzy on the other hand, sang the “The Boxer” and his performance was applauded and liked by the judges as well tagging it as original, soulful and really inspirational. Tim Urban had done his rendition of “Better Days” by Googoo Dolls and although the song really fits him well, his performance didn’t go well.

Aaron had done Kelly’s “I Believe I can Fly” and although he sang it well, his interpretation still lacks depth. However Crystal’s performance that night was the one that really stands out and had put the audience really on fire with his version of “People get ready”.

At the end of the show, Aaron, Tim and Casey was placed at bottom three and the emo-rocker Tim Urban was the one voted out. He left the stage with the 6 reamaining contestants who will be struggling for the title of being an ultimate American Idol Season 9 winner.


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