Android Gingerbread (3.0) Confirmed: Features and Release date

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“We’re baking something, and it’s pretty sweet.” These were the official words from Google about their rumoured Android Gingerbread OS. The Android 3.0 or the Gingerbread has been the talk of the town for months, with its debut expected this fall. What exactly does this seemingly delicious OS intend to do? While Froyo and previous Android versions are meant for mobile phones, Gingerbread is intended for high-end mobile devices and tablet gadgets.

Other than Google’s statement and the installation of Gingerbread mascot at Google’s Mountain View headquarters, there are really no official statements about Android Gingerbread’s specific features. Here’s what we can all look forward to though: It may have a new look with its new graphical interface, with simpler icons, slate grey notification bar and green highlights throughout the OS.

Also, watch out for updated Google applications. Built-in video chat is also a possibility. This Android Gingerbread may also have native VoIP calling, meaning we could make and receive calls over WI-Fi or 3G/4G with our Google Voice phone number. It’s also safe to assume that it may be more focused on gaming given the fact that Google’s Andy Rubin pointed out the need for an increased focus on gaming in Android’s next release. Another thing to expect is that it will be faster. Rubin also mentioned that there are going to be more forms of communication i.e. social media features.

There is also some talk about rewriting and improving the Android’s copy/paste functionality. Google Music, a service that will launch this holiday season, may appear as part of Gingerbread allowing you to stream songs from your PC to your Android phone. Lastly, Android Gingerbread may have a new YouTube makeover, with its new look and added support. It is reported that some tablet manufacturers have held off releasing their Android models to wait for the release of Gingerbread, which everyone may be waiting for too.


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