Anna Chapman: Russian Spy Entrapped

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Anna Chapman is a 28-year old Russian spy who was entrapped by FBI operatives together with 10 other suspects who were allegedly following orders by Russian intelligence to become “Americanized” in order to infiltrate “policymaking circles” and feed information back to their country.

But compared to the other suspects, Chapman didn’t lay-low but presented herself in the digital world. She had a Facebook account which authorities believed to have been false.

Some of the information included that she was employed by NetJets Europe from May to July 2004 as an executive assistant in the sales department, at the investment banking division at Barclays Bank and at Navigator hedge fund. Barclays Bank, stated that they have no employee under that name.

Chapman’s profile also said she runs her own company, an internet estate agency Property Finder Ltd, since October 2006 and is now based in New York. A multi-lingual claiming to speak Russian, English, German and French, she also claims to have a master’s degree in economics from a Russian university. Information also said she studied financial planning at the UK-based BPP International Educational Centre, however this was unconfirmed.

She is also thought of to have married a British citizen according to US newspapers.


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