Anna Wintour: Vogue Talks

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Talk about Fashion, talk about Vogue then talk about Anna Wintour! She’s the editor-in-chief of Vogue, one of the best-selling fashion magazines worldwide. Born on November 3, 1949 and surely does not love flaunting her age. But hey, she’s 61! She’s British and found her chicness as a teen-ager.

Often seen in her bobcat and wearing her designer cool shades, she’s one who can say whether you make or break it in the fashion world. That is why; she’s the inspiration for the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada” which depicts the racy world of frills and frocks. It was based upon a best-selling novel of a former personal assistant of Anna named Lauren Weisberger which was highly acclaimed in 2003.

The movie believed to be portraying Anna’s strong personality who is a stopper only for perfection was amiss on portraying her softer side. This is what the press has been hunching on, with the paparazzi and the Hollywood critics all alike. And now, her softer side was proven when she was seen dancing in a performance by N.E.R.D. at the Met Gala after party. Anna was seen busting a move with her friend Diddy.

Diddy known as Puff Daddy is an American rapper, actor, music producer and men’s fashion designer who made headlines when he made Wintour dance.


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