Anne Hathaway as Catwoman on Batman Dark Knight Rises!

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Rumors are over! As the ‘Batman’ film The Dark Night Rises’ cast are all set.

Finally, Anne Hathaway was chosen to be ‘Catwoman.’ She will complete the ensemble of the film which will be led by Christian Bale who will take the lead role as Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Tom Hardy (Bane).

Christopher Nolan stated that he’s thrill to have Anne as Selina Kyle. He said that she will be a fantastic addition to their ensemble to complete the film. Anne Hathaway’s queenly beauty and appeal is set to portray another prominent role after the huge success of Alice in Wonderland last year with her portrayal as the ‘White Queen.’

Anne Hathaway is the right choice for this role. Aside from the fact that she’s overly beautiful, she’s also a great young actress. It’s a good thing that she was chosen as Catwoman. In this way, she can bring out her other side other than portraying very wholesome roles. I think it’s about time for her to come out and dig on a new venture in her career. Perhaps, it will test on her versatility.

Let us see how the modern ‘Catwoman’ is in this new film where she will play both as villain and ‘Batman’s’ love interest. It’s a fresh start for ‘Batman’ fans all over the world. Let’s see how Anne will portray ‘Catwoman.’ Is she better than Michelle Pfeifer who played the same role from the ‘Batman Returns’ film in 1992?


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