Another Earthquake Hits Haiti | News Update

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On Wednesday, January 20, 2010, another strong earthquake hit the poor country of Haiti. The earthquake was said to be an aftershock from the earthquake that almost completely destroyed Port-au-Prince, and it had a magnitude of 6.1. This caused the people at Haiti to be even more frightened about their lives and their country, after the first earthquake almost destroyed them all.

haiti earthquake

Unfortunately, because of these calamities and the lack of goods and basic necessities, people have turned to looting. People have forcefully stolen food and goods from the few stores that are still intact. There are many different agencies who want to send food and other necessities to the small country, but they cannot deliver them because of the limited access. The medical and rescue teams also are very few and far between, so not everyone can get treated and helped.

On the island, there are many bodies still left on the streets and people fear that there are still survivors trapped underneath the rubble. They lack the facilities to clear away the debris and rescue these people. Thankfully, there are no warnings of tsunamis in the nearby future. More and more people are getting aware of the situation in this country, and hopefully progress will be made on helping them.

The second earthquake within a span of eight days has just added to the troubles of residents of Port-au-Prince where there’re hundreds of thousands of stinking and rotten bodies of the victims are still laying in the city streets. The aid and the food or water supplies alongside medical assistance are not reaching to all and only few people are benefiting from the humanitarian efforts.


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