Anti-rape lipgloss in Britain unveiled

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Probably the product what every woman needs today.

Daily Mail shared this new breakthrough in lipgloss and security technology. The 2lovemylips lipgloss doubles as an anti-rape device to protect women from ever growing number of date-rapes. The new lip product comes with special test strips that turn blue when signs of substances such as GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid) or ketamine are present. These are kinds of depressants that are used to treat insomia, clinical depression and alcoholism but are considered illegal if abused.

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Two businesswomen, Tracy Whitaker and Tina Dutton, are the creators of this new lipgloss product talks about how it can greatly help women.

If a drink tastes funny, or you are suspicious, you dab the ends of the taper into your drink and, if they turn blue, tell your friends immediately and get help from security and the police — it’s that simple

In Britain alone, a reported number of 9,887 people have been victims of drug rape, majority of which are women. And for the rest of the world this product can probably help women (and men too!) from becoming a victim of sexual predators.

The anti-rap lipgloss currently costs £9.99 (around 760 pesos).

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