AOL Project Phoenix: New Webmail App Features and Release Date Soon!

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AOL revealed this afternoon their latest feature called “Project Phoenix”, which is an update version of their email service. The new design was done to make emailing easier and quicker for users. AOL is only starting with a beta testing available for a limited number of users, but will be available to the public around next week.

AOL has done this in order to “revive” its brand back to the surface ever since they have been toppled over by Google and Facebook. Project Phoenix has a design that aims users to have a quicker and faster way of emailing, where it has two main parts.

The first part is called the “quick bar” where it looks like Gmail with extra features. It is here that you can send quick emails, texts or instant messages without leaving the inbox page. You can also send messages as a reply without even clicking on the message first.

The second part is called “smart view”, which is a Twitter-like side bar that previews email content and their attachments. When you have photos in your email, the pictures will shows up beside the message as thumbnails instead of below. Users can also view conversation threads, maps and other data. When it comes to maps, the email’s content will trigger the AOL to display a map from their Mapquest for directions of an event or place.

Another feature that they added, and is also available in other email services, is letting people link their email accounts from Microsoft, Yahoo Mail and Gmail to Project Phoenix. It also supports email addresses from AOL-linked domains such as,, and For the future, AOL plans to pull in Twitter, Facebook and Linkedln in order to lessen the hassle of logging in to different accounts every now and then.

AOL also boasts that their inbox page now loads faster than that of Gmail. Project Phoenix does not have advertising though and is working on other ways to make money to make ads in their new email design more user-friendly.

AOL is working on making things better in order to get back on the surface in the net. They are trying different strategies that would cater to the users of today. According to Fletcher Jones, project lead for Phoenix, “We’re a different company than we were a year ago. The prior administration had priorities on revenue versus audience growth. Our priorities are audience growth”.

Hopefully, this new development from AOL will really help them in getting back to being top in the internet. Things are different now in the World Wide Web, and old pages such as AOL should do things differently if they want to remain in the internet game.


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