Apple Gives Away Incase Snap Case For iPhone 4 Free!

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There have been a lot of issues circulating that Apple’s new iPhone 4 is defective. The main concern of those who have already purchased the newest addition to Apple’s gallery of phones is related to the phone’s Antenna. Some complain that the phone automatically drops call when it gets in close contact with something. Other issues involve dysfunctional volume keys.

The number of iPhone 4 units sold has reached 1.5 million last Friday – which is a remarkable success for the tech company. Aware that the on-going controversies may affect the demand for the new iPhone batches in the next weeks, Apple has launched its iPhone 4 Case Program.

Incase snap case is one among the seven types of covers that Apple is giving away for free to those who have already purchased the device. It is the only cover that comes in two colors: smoke and clear. Although the design for iPhone has not yet arrived, the cover is expected to have a clean and simple design.

If you feel that Incase’s snap case is the best among the seven covers and you want it for your iPhone, all you need to do is to download the iPhone 4 Case Program Application and choose it. Expect your case to be delivered at your doorstep within three to five weeks


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