Apple iPad a Disappointment?

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Today, at around 10 in the morning, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, showed to us the newest gadget by Apple, the iPad. After lots of speculation and hype about this new gadget, with rumors even since 2005, everyone expected this to be one of the best Apple creations so far. People even named it the iTablet and other names since they had no information about it.

apple ipad

The presentation of this new device at the Apple press event held in San Fransisco showed that it is a half-inch thin and weighs about 1.5 pounds. It has many different functions such as playing movies, music, TV, aside from being an e-book reader. The price for the 16GB iPad is set to $499.00.

The iPad seems like an iPhone on steroids, considering its size. And it does not live up to its rumors. It has no USB ports, so it will be hard to transfer files onto the iPad. Aside from that, there is no flash player, which constricts the iPad’s media playing capabilities.

On the upside, it has several iPhone applications like games and internet surfing. Steve Jobs seemed tired at the presentation, which leads people to wonder about his health and Apple’s recent lackluster creations. Hopefully, the iPad will show itself to be a device worth its price and the hype attached to it as we learn more about it.


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