Apple’s iTablet Details Revealed On Air

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Apple has been known to keep their gadgets secretive until they have the final product, so the iTablet was just a rumor until recently. On CNBC, the chairman of the publishing company McGraw-Hill accidentally let out quite a few details about the new Apple gadget.

apple itablet

His company had been collaborating with Apple for the iTablet’s construction and planning, so he knew some insider information. It turns out that the tablet is based on the iPhone’s operating system. This way, all of the books they have as eBook types, which are about 95% of their books, will be available on the iTablet.

Supposedly, the unveiling of the product was supposed to be tomorrow, and the chairman just had to spill the information the day before. McGraw wasn’t supposed to talk about the iTablet, but he ended up doing so anyways. Steve Jobs, the head of Apple, is known to be easily angered. So we’ll have to see if McGraw-Hill will still be able to put its books on the iTablet. More details will definitely be announced by Steve Jobs, so we’ll just have to wait a little bit longer to find out the specifics of this device, which is sure to be terrific.



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