Arizona Election Results 2010 Update: John McCain Is Victorious!

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After spending an approximate $21 million on his campaign, Arizona Senator John McCain successfully won over his primary contender, former U.S. Congressman J.D. Hayworth on Tuesday for the Republican Primary.

Much of the $21 million was spent in infomercials to make his personality to fit with various changes that involves letting go of conservative roles. McCain will be representing his home state, Arizona for the fifth time in Senate come November. A former Presidential candidate, the  Republican senatorial candidate had to exude more effort and sweat to outdo his competitor, since Hayworth had much conservative backup.

McCain has been not so much of a favorite to the home-grown conservatives. This made him recognize the threat presented by his major competition Hayworth who is a radio talk show host and who has been a six-term, Scottsdale native congressman. He did every measure to neutralize this case. McCain also recognized the idea that the anti-establishment vehemence could actually put his chance in the seat at stake—historically, it has gotten claim of two senators—Pennsylvania’s Democrat Arlen Specter and Utah’s Republican Bob Bennett.

The fact still remains that McCain has never lost a battle in his home state. And this still proves true up until now, even with the tight competition that Hayworth has exhibited.


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