Art Linkletter Died

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At age 97, Canadian born radio and TV broadcaster Art Linkletter died on May 26, 2010. Art has been in the hosting industry for sixty years.

His early career includes writing an autobiography of himself in 1960 entitled Confessions of a Happy Man revealing that he was estranged from his biological parents and brothers when he was abandoned while he was only a few weeks old. Preachers Mary and John Linkletter had the good heart to adopt him and whom he considers as his true parents. From Canada to United States, he entered college playing in the basketball varsity and swam for the swim team until he earned a degree from San Diego State University.

He became an endorser and supporter of Game of Life and Craig Breedlove’s attempt on the World Land Speed Record. He was also a host in the 1950 and 1960 “People Are Funny” and “House Party,” one of longest running shows on airtime. He was known for interviewing young kids while making hilarious comments about them.

Linkletter and his wife, Lois Foerster, is one of the longest couple surviving marriages in Hollywood for more than 74 years now. Despite the death of their three children out of five children, their marriage continued to be strong. Linkletter died at Bel Air, Los Angeles.


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