Avatar movie by James Cameron: Review

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If you think you have seen all the outstanding creations of James Cameron, wait ’till you see what we are about to show you.

james cameron avatar logo

The movie we are presenting  today is entitled AVATAR. Now, if you are thinking AVATAR got something to do with the popular anime’ Avatar: The last airbender, visit another website ‘coz the avatar movie we will portraying today has nothing to do with the latter.

avatar - last airbender

In case you have watched movies like Titanic, Aliens, Terminator 1&2. The name James Cameron will always stand out with these brilliant films. Cameron type of movies are amazing simply because its “unpredictable”. It’s one of the “secret” ingredient that makes a film shine above the rest.

titanic alien terminator

Coming from Wikipedia, Avatar is a sci-fi movie between humans vs “ancient” aliens. I know the tone doesn’t sounds too cool (Wikipedia is always like that) So we decided to give you a straight review: Why we think Avatar will be a potential multi-million box office movie of the year?money_question mark

The plot is unique.

avatar1 avatar3

We have watched countless sci-fi films, but this one gives an enigmatic feeling separating you from reality. James Cameron has been dreaming to do this film ever since the Titanic (highest grossing movie of all time). However, because the technology is not yet available to create the “needed” effects. Cameron patiently waits for the perfect moment.

Amazing combination of computer generated animation to real human filmography.

avatar_wall avatar_wall2

It’s one of the rare movies wherein you can see a seamless integration between computer generated graphics to real life imagery. With a $200 million worth of budget, there’s no doubt that the creation of this movie is also fantastic.

A melancholic love story ala Cameron style


For those Titanic fans who are reading this. I am sure you know what I mean. With James Cameron as the director, you can expect a a melo-dramatic love story with a pointed twist. Only this time, its between a human and an alien.

You got to see the amazing trailer in Full-HD!

Three things I notice about that trailer:

  • Look at the aliens? It’s something unique unlike the alien models you have seen before.
  • The 3d effect is simply amazing.
  • The story-line appears to be profound (not your boring alien “hack-slash” warfare”)

It’s also worth adding that the leading roles will be performed by some popular actresses:

Sigourney Weaver (The protagonist of the sci-fi thriller Alien Trilogy)

sigourney_weaver1 sigoourney_weaver 2

Michelle Rodriguez (The “tomboyish girl” in the popular racing-movie: fast and the furious I and IV)

michelle_rodriguez 2 michelle_rodriguez 1

According to 20th Century Fox, the official release date for Avatar will be on December 18, 2009. You can expect this movie as a superb fantasy tale that will be “sang” by people during the whole yuletide season.

christmas_dingdong(sources: imdb, wikipedia)


7 Responses for “Avatar movie by James Cameron: Review”

  1. Louise says:

    I noticed you mentioned "Terminator Trilogy." Correction: James Cameron HAD NOTHING to do with Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. He had no input there and if he was ever credited in the movie, it's only because he is the creator and writer of characters. That's probably why the movie was not as good as the first 2 Terminator films and was bashed harshly by Terminator fans and Cameron fans alike.

    You also mentioned Spiderman. I think it's well known that it was Sam Raimi who directed Spiderman. James Cameron wrote a script but it was turned down by the studio bec it was too violent. Sam Raimi got the green light instead.

    • Aloha, thanks for noticing it.

      We checked our resources and yep, T3 was not included on cameron's masterpiece.
      For Spiderman, cameron tried to direct it but not the movie itself but something like a tv-series, though it didn't push-through. There's also a debate about the real script of spiderman 1 (2002). Rumors said, it was cameron's idea.

      Yes, raimi directed Spiderman. However, his latest movie release "Drag me to hell" turn out to be a rip-off

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  3. Jessica says:

    Hello…I noticed there are a lot of views in the movie Avatar which looks like Venezuela, where Angel Falls is located, Canaima and the weird looking mountains Tepuys, I wonder if James Cameron traveled to Venezuela to take some pictures in there?

    • kita says:

      I saw it today, looks exactly like Venezuelan Amazon area.

      Did you notice that Venezuela was mentioned in the script as one of the places where Sully was deployed in a mission?

    • Chris says:

      I completely agree with you. I've been to Canaima and watching the movie all I could think of was the Tepuys

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